View Full Version : Wizap!

2004-07-14, 17:20
This isn't a project request though I have wondered if it has ever been considered for a future translation or a walkthrough project or if it has the same kind of issues revolving around Dark Law seeing their fonts and layout are nearly similar. Just curiosity.

2004-07-15, 13:58
I did toy with it a bit a few years ago — dumped the script, translated some of Okada's Japanese walkthrough with a view to writing one of my own — but the game didn't interest me enough to take things any further. The plot's a bit thin and bitty, and the gameplay is just too damn hard (the job system is horrendously complicated, and there seems to be a time limit on the game that makes experimentation very unrewarding).

2004-12-29, 01:15
Sorry to barge in. Do you still have your translation of that walkthrough by Okada? I have been dying to play since I read about it in your Dark Law walkthrough. All of my tries to get anywhere are futile hence I have no clue how to get out the first town or go in a mission once you enter it.

2004-12-29, 05:50
I think everyones attempts to do something useful in the game are more or less futile as every game devolves into talking to every possible person and stuff to try trigger a mission.