View Full Version : Problem with Kanon...

2004-07-01, 19:07
Long time ago, I tried to install the voice patch to Kanon, but it didn't work which got me frustarted for awhile which led me not playing Kanon for awhile. I decided to play it again then I saw something was screwed up. At the title screen, you know the music right? Well, whenever I start a new game or just quit out of Kanon, that music continues to play. For some reason I believe vAVG32 had something to do with it... How can I uninstall the patch? Or is it some other problem? I got freaked out so I didn't really try to play the game farther then that...

2004-07-01, 19:13
Hmm .. just to be clear, are you using Windows XP? Because there are known bugs regarding sound when using this OS. Fixable though, I think it's in the FAQ section of Kanon. Sort of in a hurry right now so I can't give you the links ^_^

2004-07-01, 19:14
Thanks! But this really didn't happen until I installed vAVG32... That's why I was kind of wondering.

2004-07-01, 20:50
ok, found the link for you, assuming you had the same problem as me.