View Full Version : Kanon Installer Problem

2004-06-25, 00:38
Hi there!

I have a problem installing the .57 patch through Windows XP Home.
I've tried running the setup.exe over and over but no window or anything pops up at all. I extracted the voice patch files for my version (adult one) in the same folder and everything so I'm pretty sure I followed the steps right.

2004-06-25, 01:24
Hmm... this came up in testing, one of the testers found it wouldn't run if certain other programs were active. Have you tried closing everything else before you start setup.exe?

2004-06-25, 02:36
I figured out what was wrong lol
Just rebooted the computer and ran the setup file again and it loaded :)

I should've done this in the first place but I neglected to