View Full Version : Having troubles extracting voice files from DC version...

2004-06-22, 15:17
..as in I can't even see them when displayed. I checked out other posts, and it seems that some sort of extraction utility is needed? Some technique? All i'm able to view are three .txt files on the CD (tried in CD-ROM and DVD-ROM just to see if it was something like that) and one is blank. Woo, hehe. Anyway, any assistance would be appreciated.

2004-06-22, 22:51
not sure... but they might be hidden, if that is the case then just ask Windows Explorer to show ALL files, including hidden files.

2004-06-23, 00:09
You can't view dreamcast files on a normal pc. The cd-rom's firmware does not understand the file format. Dreamcast cd's are actually GD-ROMS.

It's sort of like a hybrid cd - it uses about 35Mb of cd-rom readable data followed by a compacted section, sort of like how a dvd is different from a cd. This region contains about 1GB of data. If you want more on GD-ROMS look here: http://www.cdmediaworld.com/hardware/cdrom/cd_gd-rom.shtml

The normal way of extracting DC files is by linking the PC to the console and using it like some sort of remotely located cd-rom. I can't give any more details on this, as I believe that the software used for it is regarded as illegal and would be against the forum rules. Hope it helps!

2004-06-23, 00:10
Yes, you'll either have to transfer data the hard way (put the disk in an actual DC and copy stuff to your PC over a serial cable or broadband adapter) or download a pre-ripped image (which is technically illegal, so we won't go into details, but it's not really immoral if you have a copy of the game already).

For the former, you can find all the info you need by googling for "dreamcast ripping".

I believe once you have the disk image actually on your hard disk you should be able to get at the real contents, which will probably include a dozen or so AFS files which are the voice data.

2004-06-30, 18:22
Thank you for the information. I checked it out, and saw that I need an actual Dreamcast... argh. I just downloaded it and it works just fine, hehe. Thanks for helping out, and keep up the awesome work with this!

2004-06-30, 18:23
Eh, that last post was me - thought I set it to auto-login. Shows how attentive I was, hehe.