View Full Version : ... How much HD space do I need for the voice patch? T___T

2004-06-22, 14:42
I just got done aquiring the voice files, the other stuff needed, reinstalled Kanon, all that good stuff, set it all running and ready to go... and... after installing the voices for two characters (or not quite that) I ran out of hard drive space ;__;. I chose the 44100Hz option this time (figured it wouldn't be so big since the files themselves were only about 400mb total), if I chose the 22050 it would likely be smaller but only by about half, right?

I still don't know if I have that much HD space... can anyone tell me roughly how much free space I'd need for the voices? I think I can free another two gigabytes if I try...

2004-06-22, 16:39
44100 Hz eats 2 gigs, 22050 eats 1. You're right, it's smaller by a half, but the half is big.

2004-06-22, 21:16
Looks like you need to save the files as an mp3. To do that head over to the sticky in this forum about installing the voice patch (ie the post topic that's vertically highest on the list). I put in a tip on how to get gogo.dll (which is needed for on-the-fly mp3 conversion).

I haven't actually saved my audio as an mp3 so I can't guarantee how much space you'd end up saving. Should be at least half of a wav file format, most likely to be even more. Just remember though that you need extra space for temporary file storage while to program runs.