View Full Version : Bribing dinosauers with chocolate

2004-06-19, 12:54
I don't get it.

2004-06-19, 13:30
you actually read the EULA? wow

2004-06-19, 13:50
Well, you knew what he was talking about too... ;)

As for the implicit question - I'm afraid it's a family joke, and I couldn't easily explain it if I wanted to. Sorry...

2004-06-19, 14:05
you actually read the EULA? wow
You never know...imagine he'd written something the person who agrees to the disclaimer also agrees to serve under him for a whole year. It wouldn't be fun at all. Lol.

2004-06-20, 00:02
you actually read the EULA? wowhuh.... what is an EULA... is it something that you can eat?? I thought that the "I Agree" button was the only thing there is??? did I miss something??!!!!

P.S. Just kidding :-)

2004-06-20, 11:11
I always thought bribing dinos with chocolate had something to do with Air, but oh well...

2004-06-20, 18:34
gao gao chocosaurus!!