View Full Version : Where to get Kanon Music?

2004-06-07, 12:51
Can anyone give me a link to a site where they provide mp3 of Kanon music?

2004-06-07, 13:16
If you have Kanon, just rip it off the disc. Tracks 2 and on are the game's soundtrack.

2004-06-07, 13:27
I don't have the CD. Why do you think I'm acutally asking for it???

2004-06-07, 13:49
A quote from the rules thread

Keep it legal. Don't ask for, or provide, links to roms, warez, or similarly dodgy stuff (e.g. rips of the Kanon anime). If in doubt, PM me before posting.

This might come under that.

2004-06-07, 13:52
Then can someone send me the link?
E-Mail - Kloud73@yahoo.com
AIM - Kloud73

2004-06-07, 13:52
yeah, just do what I did: go to Japan, find a store that sells it, and trudge back home. It's not that difficult!

But the Japanese Amazon site sells alot of good stuff, check there.

2004-06-07, 13:56
If you actully wanted to buy it, I have occasionally seen a few copies pop up on ebay from time to time. It'd proberly be easier than using japanese amazon for those only literate in english U_U.

2004-06-07, 14:09
I don't know much Japanese, but I managed to more or less easily order something from Amazon.co.jp ^o^. I just don't know why they kept emailing me afterward ^_^;;

2004-06-07, 14:25
shop.himeya.com is the place...

I got my Kanon and AIR OST from that site. Sure it cost little a lot but they are worth buying it.

2004-06-07, 15:51
o.0 I'm too poor to afford any of that...

2004-06-07, 15:52

Try bugging people who might be able to help for early/late birthday/christmas presents, then? ^o^

2004-06-07, 18:05

thar she blows!

2004-06-08, 15:50
How about paying just a bit more and getting Kanon all-age version? Then you get a l33t game with that music.

2004-06-08, 16:50
How about paying just a bit more and getting Kanon all-age version? Then you get a l33t game with that music.
Did he tell/ask you that he needs a game??? And didn't he also posted that he can't even afford a OST???

2004-06-08, 18:23
Missed the last bit.

And I figured having the game was better x_x


2004-06-08, 18:47
Ok... $20 for the soundtrack... Maybe somehow I could afford that. But the only problem is I can read Japanese but I have no idea what I just read... How am I suppose to understand anything its saying in Japan Amazon...

2004-06-08, 21:03
Try http://shop.himeya.com/ the site is in english, although I am not sure if they have the sound track or not.

Any way, on the right of the screen in the white space (just above the http://images-jp.amazon.com/images/G/09/x-locale/detail/buy-box/add-to-cart-notched.gif) you will see the "Display English" link. Click that, and it will give order forum in English (I think).

2004-06-08, 23:46
you can also try Animaxis:


2004-06-10, 07:06
YAY!!! I somehow managed to get Kanon the Game... Now all I need to know is how to rip off the musics from it...

2004-06-10, 07:45
It's standard CDDA - track 1 is the data track, but the rest can be played in any audio CD player, or ripped with any audio CD ripper.

2004-06-12, 08:39
What site provides a good free audio ripper?

2004-06-12, 13:18
From this point onwards it might be better if you refer to another thread that had a more detailed descusion. "Kanon CDDA Patch? (http://forums.haeleth.net/viewtopic.php?t=33)". Also it include the link to _inmm.

Any way as a short cut, try http://www.mp3-tech.org/encoders_win.html

2004-06-12, 13:54
There are two free cd rippers that I know of. One is open-sourced, the other is just free (with a registration cost of a postcard if you want).



You may want to download the free MP3 encoder LAME as well.


2004-06-12, 19:48
Here's a Japanese site that does orginal and game remixes. They have several of Kanon, Air, and a Clannad remix.
Some of them were taken down though.


2004-06-12, 23:10
Ooooh~ Here's one too!


2004-06-13, 05:06
There's a LOT of AIR/Kanon remixes lying around. A lot of them come from doujin games.

Some Guy...
2004-06-14, 21:07
Doujin games? How much of Kanon doujin games are there? I only know Glove on Fight and Eternal Fighter Zero.

2004-06-14, 21:49
There's Airrade, a shooter game.
Mamano Hunter Mai.
Ayu-chan punch! A super mario ripoffish.

2004-06-14, 22:21
There's also Pocket Kanon Fighter and another really weird fighting game I've played (foget the name).

2004-06-15, 06:02
Doujin games? How much of Kanon doujin games are there? I only know Glove on Fight and Eternal Fighter Zero.
Way too many to list.
It's like asking how many Star Wars fan sites there are ;)

2004-06-15, 06:09
speaking of which, anyone know where I can get a copy of Airrade?

That seems to be the only thing I couldn't find one my last trip to Tokyo.

2004-06-15, 06:38
Kanon Doujin games... I remembered searching high and wide for some that were free... In the end I got a few, but they suck. The best ones are bought.

Only played the demo of EFZ and I must say it's lovely. *sigh* I just can't get those stuffs I know and love out here.

And I'll now shamelessly plug one of the best free Kanon Doujin games around the 'net.

Colorful Snow (http://takehisa.parfe.jp/game/colorfulsnow.php)

2004-06-15, 07:16
The ONLY place I could find them was alittle place called G books...or was it K books? Basically, you go to Akihabara, goto Gamers, its the store across the street from it on the....third floor I beleive. They didn't have much to choose from, but they did have EFZ bad moon edition and a truckload of doushin music.

IF you go to Tokyo......be careful. Just because it says it's selling games, doesn't mean it's not sellling <insert horribly graphic description of awful awful things> too. Take it from someone who took a wrong turn way too many times.

2004-06-15, 15:20
And I'll now shamelessly plug one of the best free Kanon Doujin games around the 'net.

Colorful Snow (http://takehisa.parfe.jp/game/colorfulsnow.php)

Is it a Puyo Puyo clone?

2004-08-21, 04:27
MIDI LINK (You can get these for nothing )
Na's homepage(top page) (http://www12.plala.or.jp/namidi/music1.htm)
KANON(22/22) (http://cens2.ec.hokudai.ac.jp/~s020292p/na-kanon_all.zip)
AIR(26/26) (http://cens2.ec.hokudai.ac.jp/~s020292p/midifile/na-air_all.zip)
CLANNAD(16/45) (http://notazsite.hp.infoseek.co.jp/main/karimono/na_midi_clannad.zip)

‘S‚Ä "Na" ‚³‚ñ‚ª?ì‚Á‚Ä‚Ü‚·?B‚·‚²‚¢‚È‚Ÿ?B

2004-08-21, 13:11
I can upload the Kanon MP3s that I ripped onto my computer if no one else opposes to me doing that. You have to ask me for them in a PM and we can meet somewhere on mIRC. I have about 10-20 kilobytes upload.

I can also tell you a nice website where to get the Kanon TV Series music if you have bittorrent...

2004-08-21, 19:45
just thought i'd say that i listened to the Kanon - Orgel de kiku soundtrack. Very nice. good to hear music in orgel from. sounds so soothing in a way ^_^

2004-10-22, 04:05
Edit: Oops. My bad.