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2004-05-19, 18:44
So, is it Kanon, Air, Clannad, or something else?

oh, and why.

2004-05-19, 18:47
I picked Air because the music is very relaxing, the art is nice, and I like beaches over snowed over towns. I haven't played enough Clannad to say whether I like it or not, but so far so good.

2004-05-19, 22:19
Kanon, is good (espicaly since I can understand it (upto 25%) ). And Air is better then Kanon.

But I have to admit that the CGs and music of Clannad is better then both, and also the more important part... the story of Clannad is Longer. (even though I do not understand it yet.... but suprisinlgy I can actuly catch few words of Harigana :-) ).

P.S.... I will defanitly try to get the Hentai version of Clannad if it ever comes out... and the PS2 version (if it comes with voices).

P.S.S... the shear number of different CGs of the Charecters in Clannad gives it a big plus in my book.... unlike Kanon, and Air.. in Clannad the CG change even in the mid. of a dialug, with sooooo many different expresions.

2004-05-20, 00:57
I don't think I had any choice here. ;) AIR does arguably have a stronger story, but Kanon has a special place for me as the game that got me into this sort of game. (Not to mention the obvious reason too.)

As for Clannad - I'm still not sure whether it's better than the others or not. It's definitely another quality Key game, but some of the characters are a bit bland, and a few of the plot points, particularly the game's treatment of homosexuality and disability, are a bit distasteful, which loses it marks in my liberal book. Like Weave, I guess I'll reserve judgement till I've finished a few more characters.

2004-05-20, 01:36
the game's treatment of homosexuality and disability, are a bit distastefulO.O
You mean there is a chance the main char. is going to be GAY???!!!!!!

oi... something is not right here.....
If I am to choose off the list, then it will be "Suika", since it is the 1st game I tryed, and I am still in Love with it. Heck if my Japanese does become good, I will defanetly translate Suika. (I actuly came across Kanon while looking for info about Suika, then found this site looking for info about Kanon :-) ).

Well for now, I can only tell if a game is good or not by the CG it contain... so Clannad until I understand the story :-)

P.S. If the plot is weak, or so simple that you can predict what will happn.. then Key is shooting themselives in the foot. (hopefully the GAY stuff is not that much... and I do hope they will not make fun of disabiled people... I would realy hate that)

2004-05-20, 03:05
Oh, it's nothing like that (though you're not the first (http://kanonwarriers.hp.infoseek.co.jp/kura78.jpg) to think of that)... basically there are some jokes about homosexuality that are, well, pretty much exactly what the characters in question would say, it's just a bit uncomfortable that the authors apparently decided to play it for laughs instead of challenging those views. To be specific (not much of a spoiler), there's a scene where Okazaki tries to get out of doing something with Sunohara by telling Nagisa that Sunohara is gay and after him. It's quite clearly meant to be hilarious, but it just ends up being horribly embarassing to read.

The disability theme is taken more seriously, but some of the characters are still presenting authentically immature opinions without really being challenged about them, at least as far as I've played.

The rest of the plot is pretty strong, and it's far from predictable. Fuuko's scenario in particular is just one shock after another, classic Key stuff. And Okazaki is the first ren'ai game hero who's struck me as a remotely interesting character; it makes a change for him to have a complete backstory and existing relationships with the girls that go deeper than the "childhood friend" cliche.

2004-05-20, 03:59
my excitment in learning Japanese have been re-fueled... thanks for clearning that up.

2004-05-20, 05:01
immatiure homosexual and disability jokes huh?
Sounds just like high school kids to me. It might not seem PC, but it's realistic at least.

Going back to the orignial topic, I may have to redo my vote. You see, I played this game "Nocturnal Illusion". It's an old ren'ai game that had the most bizaare game setting I've seen. I don't want to spoil it, but the game just made you think. It dwelt on pretty deep issues for a game where you just went around "taggiing" girls. I liked it so much that I converted it into DnD 3.5 as a module. It was the most fun I've ever had as a DM. The PC"s almost didn't make it, but it was a game they'll never forget. Hmm, way off topic again...
Ok, done ramblin' time for bed.


2004-05-20, 08:05
well i can't really have much of a say in this but I'd have to say Kanon since it's the only one i've played. I would consider the others only if i ever had a copy and the time to play them. but mainly Kanon becoz of Nayuki(this should be obvious with my avatar, lol)

2004-05-20, 12:22
mainly Kanon becoz of Nayuki

Okay. Just don't ask Haeleth's opinion of her.

I don't really know what my favorite is... I can only say that I like Kanon and I can't read the text in the others, although I own all three v_v;

2004-05-20, 14:51
I picked Air because the music is very relaxing, the art is nice, and I like beaches over snowed over towns.

Same here.

Also, I like AIR because Minagi is in it. ^^

2004-05-20, 17:53
and here I was thinking I was the only Minagi fanboy.

2004-05-20, 18:30
Kanon, cause it got me into the scene and I worship all things that are Ayu.

2004-05-20, 22:50
and here I was thinking I was the only Minagi fanboy.

2004-05-21, 02:06
and here I was thinking I was the only Minagi fanboy.

(curses, another secret revealed...)

2004-05-22, 01:48
i chose Kanon Just because it is the only one of the three i have played... and the music androcks... and Because i Love Ayu-Chan ^^

2004-05-27, 19:37
and here I was thinking I was the only Minagi fanboy.

I like Minagi the best in Air too. :) I've played both and I like Air slightly better.

For the poll, I'll have to pick other(blasphemy, I know ^_~). Ever17 -the out of infinity- is the best bishoujo game I have ever played. Awesomely deep storyline with great characters. The only thing not as good as Air is the music. KIDS is just about as good of game developers as Key IMO.

2004-05-28, 05:41
Going back to the homosexuality thing in Clannad (spoiler rot13'd) -
Gurer VF na raqvat jurer Gbzbln erwrpgf nyy bs gur tveyf naq raqf hc tbvat bhg bs punenpgre naq (sbeprshyyl) qngvat Fhabunen. Vg'f gur onq raqvat sbe gur Fhabunen fpranevb gubhtu.

As far as weak writing and characters go, most people tend to think that's because the writer (Kai) who was responsible for those scenarios (Kyou, Kappei, and I think Yukine) was a total hack.

There's an interview in Techgian 7 with Maeda, Kai, and Suzumoto regarding there thoughts about Clannad. Surprisingly, they didn't mention anything about the After scenario.

2004-05-28, 06:19
Hope you'll forgive the edit!

Interestingly enough, I didn't think Kyou's scenario was that bad... maybe a bit predictable, but she has some nice lines. Haven't played Yukine's yet.

It's Sanae who really disappointed me, she just didn't seem up to the standard of Key mothers like Akiko and Haruko. I guess she's just overshadowed a bit by her husband...

2004-05-28, 10:05
Not a problem.

Also, it should be Dengeki Hime not Techgian. Eep.