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2004-05-14, 01:57
ok everyone place your ideas in this topic. lets us know what YOU think is in Akiko-San's SPECIAL Jam ^^ LEt the Mayhem of Silliness BEGIN!!

2004-05-14, 03:28
To get things started, some of the more popular theories I've heard:
Nayuki's father

2004-05-14, 07:04
Nayuki's father

sssooo, behind Akiko's wonderful smile is a devil?? lol

actually, i'll probably have to play upto that part again to see what i think, lol.

2004-05-14, 07:46
Nayuki's father
Alright... now that explains alot..... lOl... an extra good one
But I thought it was orange coloured and not red coloured... humm... wait... the one Nayuki is haveing is red!!!!!... so there is a devil in the game after all (other the guy from the student consol)

expired ice-cream

2004-05-14, 10:01
I always assumed it was just marmalade and that the red version is just made using blood oranges.

However, the Nayuki's dad theory sounds intriguing...

2004-05-14, 10:20
Hum. It's orange? For some reason I've been thinking it was yellow.

Judging from his description of the taste, I immediately thought it was some sort of a durian jam or something- and anybody who has smelled THAT without expecting it should know what I mean. =P
(An image of durian can be found here...http://www.thaitradesource.com/directories/familyexport/durian.jpg)

2004-05-14, 10:51
hmmm, did i miss the scene with the orange jam? doesn't Nayuki always have strawberry?

2004-05-14, 12:56
According to some of the Kanon Anthology 4komas... it has also been some sort of vapor form Insecticide, which was enough to actually wake Nayuki up when placed inside her room :) Another more gruesome theory is that one day Yuuichi wakes up and finds Makoto and Piroshiki missing, and then discovers to his dismay that the Jam was emitting 'auuu' and 'nyaaa' sounds.

2004-05-14, 23:55
such dismal theories! 0_0 can't she just have, oh i don't know, ACTUAL FRUIT IN IT? ... Nah

2004-05-15, 00:53
can't she just have, oh i don't know, ACTUAL FRUIT IN IT?
that would be boring... also if it did have fruit in it then Nayuki wouldn't be so scared of it.... now that I think of it... I think Kaori was scared of it too.
For some reason I've been thinking it was yellow.
Might be, I don't remember it clearly (it's been sometime since I went through that scen), but I think it was orange. Any way, I am replaying the game (can't wait for the next patch while ignoring Kanon). So hopeful I will conform it soon.
one day Yuuichi wakes up and finds Makoto and Piroshiki missing, and then discovers to his dismay that the Jam was emitting 'auuu' and 'nyaaa' sounds.
another good joke
It contain the people who crossed Akiko the wrong way (that's why she is never angry, she deal with her anger immdeatly)
Sweet Lemon (incase it is yellow)

Update: The jam is bright orange

2004-05-15, 09:31
ok how do i get to this scene? what branch of the story is it?

2004-05-15, 09:51
All branches of the story, morning of January 13th. The quickest way to get to the scene is to change #SEEN_START in GAMEEXE.INI to 130, but that's cheating. :p

2004-05-15, 18:07
I remember now.

Alot of the mangas go into what the jam is. Missed that part about Nayuki's father, though I always kinda wondered...

2004-05-15, 20:17
Isn't it no fun to _know_ what it is?

2004-05-16, 20:46
oi... since everyone is trying to guess (even the onces who played the full game).. does that mean that Akiko will NOT say what in it, through out the game??!!!!!
damn, I thought that when you play Nayuki's story, she will inharet the jam from her mother!!!

2004-05-17, 00:50
oi... since everyone is trying to guess (even the onces who played the full game).. does that mean that Akiko will NOT say what in it, through out the game??!!!!!

yep, throughout the whole game she will not mention what is in the jam. the whole jam incident only last for that part of the game only

2004-05-17, 00:56
well OBVIOUSLY Nayuki knows what is in the jam. i say we all corner after club and get the info out of her. i have never seen someone so secret about Jam. i always chose to follow Nayuki right away instead of staying so that is why i never saw the entire scene. but now that i have you got to wonder. maybe there is some kind of drug in there or something? soneone who knows what it is really PM it to me or something.

2004-05-17, 01:45
I'm afraid it is genuinely a secret, which Akiko never reveals. It's one of a number of such mysteries in the game - the others include things like Kaori's club, Shiori's pockets, Akiko's job, and how Kitagawa makes his hair do that.

I suspect the only person alive who knows the full truth is Jun Maeda, and he ain't talkin'...

the whole jam incident only last for that part of the game only
Well... it's mentioned again in Nayuki's epilogue, and there's another full Jam Alert on the 21st in Ayu's scenario. It's not a major plot element though. ^^

2004-05-17, 07:54
as expected from the translator. he knows every damn scene by heart 0_0. wicked

2004-05-19, 12:56
Even if he doesn't, he's got it all at his fingertips...

2004-05-19, 14:37
Curses, my secret revealed...
<blockquote><tt>haeleth@cynewulf /c/kanon/dat/dumps
$ grep あのジャム *
SEEN130.sjs:{-99-} とぼけているが、どうやらあのジャムのことを知っていたようだ。
SEEN130.sjs:{-9e-} 【*A】「あのジャム、凄くうまかったな」
SEEN130.sjs:{-b1-} 【*A】「うるさい、お前だってあのジャムを食ったら…」
SEEN130.sjs:{-b2-} 【香里】「…え、あのジャムってまだあったの?」
SEEN404.sjs:{-e5-} 【*A】「…今度、あのジャムも食べてやれよ」
SEEN411.sjs:{-1f6-} 【*A】「あのジャムって、一体…」
SEEN411.sjs:{-1ff-} 【あゆ】「あのジャム、材料が分からなかった…」
SEEN411.sjs:{-232-} 【*A】「一体、あのジャムは何だったんだ…」</tt></blockquote>
It does make things a bit easier. ;)

2004-05-19, 14:43
Wai Wai!!

2004-05-19, 17:05
seen411 ???

good gravey, what day is that?!

2004-05-20, 00:45
seen411 ???

good gravey, what day is that?!
21st-24th, Ayu's scenario. After the end of the common section (7th - 19th), the numbering is only based on the date for Makoto's and Mai's scenarios.

2004-05-20, 19:15
i think we have driven Haeleth insane. i personally think it is about time ^^

2004-05-21, 21:40
i think we have driven Haeleth insaneI think you are under the wrong impreation that he was sane in the 1st place.

P.S. Learn Japanese... it is not as diffecault as you might think.... after all insanety come in different ways

P.S.S. What the heck do Japanese people have agenst the space key??!!!!

2004-05-22, 01:50
i acctually know a lot of Japanese. it is the frickkin Kanji i have no clue how to read. lol still gotta learn that. i would hate to be my Japanese Teacher when i turn in a report in Kanji. my Handwriting is so Bad he would not be able to translate it LOL

2004-05-22, 02:13
P.S.S. What the heck do Japanese people have agenst the space key??!!!!
Well, why bother wasting space on a page by putting big gaps between words, when you can tell where important word breaks come by looking for the transition between kana and kanji? Plus it makes life harder for those pesky foreigners, of course... :p


2004-05-23, 02:46
yeah, but once you know the patterns for words, and the particles you see all the different words in a stream of characters.

Reading Japanese (katakana and hiragana) isn't all that hard. Maybe not as easy as Korean, but still. To learn kanji you just need constant familairization. Read manga everyday and soon enough you'll notice words in other places. It's not like riding a bike, for every day not spent learning you lose two days of study.

2004-05-24, 23:16
Thanks... that sure cleared up few things.... I think.... now I guess I need to start increasing my word count, and leave kinji to later :-)

2004-05-25, 14:04

If you want hard-to-read, try the old Roman style with all capital letters, no spaces, or punctuation, and line breaks wherever they happen to fall... Apparently they thought it looked nice. AHAHA, THOSE CRAZY ANCIENT ROMANS, EH?

2004-06-06, 16:06
Me: I got the scene in Kanon with the jam XD
Me: On the messageboards there was a threat, what is in Akiko's mysterious jam
My Friend: yay XD
My Friend: XD
Me: 'Cause Nayuki runs off at the mention of it, Yuuichi is like "... it tastes... interesting...", and when you ask Akiko what's in the jam, she's just like "That's a secret :D"
Me: Mysterious jam :O
Me: *thread, not threat
My Friend: XD
Me: *threatens people with Akiko's mysterious jam*
My Friend: LOL
My Friend: I feel so threatened XD
Me: XD
My Friend: *eats the jam*
My Friend: ...@_o
Me: Are you alright? :O!



2004-06-07, 12:20
I couldn't resist posting this...


2004-06-07, 12:52
I proberly shouldn't double post but...

If anyones interested, I forgot to mention that's from volume one of the Kanon manga I think.

2004-06-07, 13:51
yeah, their are some really good manga of Kanon out there. I've busted a gut over a couple.

2005-03-10, 08:00
Simple. Chiyo-Chan's pigtails.


2005-03-13, 22:53
I couldn't help myself but to scan and post this.


Whatever it is, it tastes much more powerful than the Misuzu's juice that's for sure....

2005-03-14, 02:01
Haha! That's hilarious!
And they need to cut in with "ano JAM.... JUICE yori mo.... kosugita~" for the last panel :D

2005-03-14, 02:42
hahaha, that's a good one.