View Full Version : "Roomaji"

2004-05-03, 16:24
Is that really how you spell it? In the Subtitles menu that's how it's spelled... I always thought it was "Romaji" though.


Minor typo, or I'm just confused >_>

2004-05-04, 01:09
You can spell it "romaji", "roomaji", "roumaji", "ro-maji", "rōmaji", "rômaji", any of those with a 'z' instead of a 'j', or even "romanji" if you don't mind being shouted at by otaku. I've never seen it spelt "romanzi" though. ;)

Basically there isn't a single standard way of romanising Japanese...

2004-05-04, 07:12
Language barriers sure are tough to cross....