View Full Version : Kanon Goods.

2004-04-14, 08:45

Apart from the game itself, does anyone know where to buy any Kanon goods? I've seen pictures of Ayu and Nayuki models and playing cards, but never on anywhere but places like ebay (being 17 I can't get a username there, even if I have paypal and a debit card U_U).

Thanks if anyone can help!

2004-04-15, 02:56
Depends on where you are. If you go to just about any Gamers or Animate store in Tokyo you can't miss them. Odds are you don't like in Japan though so Ebay's your best bet.

2004-04-15, 08:45
I unfortunely don't live in japan, being stuck in the UK for all my life.

As said previously, I can't use ebay, because of the age limit. And can't use parental credit cards ("I don't trust that new fangled-interwuzzitcalled!").

2004-04-15, 10:11
Stuck in the UK
Can't use Ebay
Don't have plastic

You can get someone who does have a card to buy you something, or you can try and find a shop that sells anime goods. I have absolutely no idea of the quality of the shops in your area, but big cities usually have a few.

2004-04-15, 11:20
Or you can use money order/cashier's check for Ebay. I'm sure your parents won't object to a trip to the bank/post office.