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2004-04-13, 23:34
Slightly old news, but maybe not to some people...http://www.messe-sanoh.co.jp/paso/images/goods_up/pop_cl.jpg

So many things...わああ~[/url]

2004-04-14, 02:33
<tt>   ......
渚のベッドシーツ?! やっぱ可愛いけど、抱き枕より変じゃない。</tt>

I find the low Fuuko quotient disappointing, too. ;)

BTW, the pre-CLANNAD fanbook's out today (although I guess I'll have to wait a week for my copy to make it here from Japan), and apparently all the shops are giving away their CLANNAD posters as well. Key sure are doing a good job of keeping the hype up...

2004-04-15, 03:01
Yeah, Fuuko stuff....
Anyway. I hope Akihabara's Gamers still has some stuff in May. I'd hate to have to go all the way to Ikekuburo, but I'd do it.

Crap, I have to pay rent. D'OH!
nevermind.............. :'(

2004-04-15, 12:56
IMHO Gamers wasn't exactly the best place to find Key goods. I mean, they had the games and maybe a few trading card packs, but that was about it- stuff you could easily get in a Toranoana...for normal anime stuff though, its nice ^-^

渚のベッドシーツ?! やっぱ可愛いけど、抱き枕より変じゃない。