View Full Version : Extra stuff?

2004-04-05, 11:06
I ordered adult Air and all age Kanon. I got this nice clear folder and box.

Do you get anything with the adult Kanon?

2004-04-05, 11:25
There's a Mai mousemat in the standard adult Kanon box, but that's all. There was a soundtrack CD with the first edition, but obviously that sold out five years ago. ;)

2004-04-05, 17:55
Oh. Thank you.

Also, what is the differnence between the Orange and blue discs in Air?

2004-04-05, 19:22
Never mind, it was just the install and play discs. Sorry.
I was hoping for a music cd, that's all.

2004-04-06, 00:29
Well, you can always just pop the play disk in a CD player and skip the data track...

2004-04-12, 08:26
I got Orinthoptor with my copy of Air. Really good stuff. Now, if it would have had Natsukage and Nostalgia on it, that would be awesome. Would have saved me some cash too.