View Full Version : Dark Half ~ Meaning of Death.

2004-04-03, 11:57
I was wondering what its status. Is it true what I heard that you have given up on it?

Please fill me in if you don't mind and pardon me if it has been asked before or frequently.

2004-04-03, 12:51
It's "Dark Law" - if you're waiting for Dark Half you're in the wrong place. ;)

As for Dark Law, I haven't given up on it but nor have I made any real progress in the last year or so. Basically there are some nasty technological issues which will need to be resolved before a decent patch can be produced, I can't resolve them myself, and so far nobody else has got round to resolving them for me.

Fairly soon I probably will give up, but if that happens I'll be sure to release the translated script in some form.

2004-04-03, 12:53
Thanks. I meant Dark Law, sorry for the confusion. Congrats on your walkthrough.