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2004-03-23, 19:40
Anybody know of a good site which ships japanese sheet music internationally? I managed to get my hands on a nadesico sheet music book before and I thought it would be nice to try and get one for kanon as well. Having a hard time though .. apparently 'kanon' is a classical piece and trying to get the anime/game version is harder than I thought it would be (does one even exist?).

I've also been itching to get Minami Omi's "fuyu no hana" (kica 477, trk 4) sheet music - it's such a lovely piano piece I'd pay anything for it.

Any ideas?

2004-03-23, 22:14
Finals are EVIL!

With that said...

Sheet music...I don't exactly know about other animes/games, but if you want piano arrangements of Key/Tactics/Other game music you could try...here (http://www.apple.fm/~pico-score/english/kanon/kanon-e.htm). Nice arrangements, I must say and fun to play too, although the composer must have long hands or something because some of those octaves...o.0

2004-03-26, 20:20
What piece has tough octaves on that page? Lemme take a look.

2004-03-31, 14:46
The Kanon artbook Dream Days supposedly has piano music sheets, but only of the opening and ending anime songs, I think.

I don't have the art book personally.

2004-04-02, 20:58

well this site have the scores for some kanon songs, check it out

2004-04-16, 23:48
Thanks for your input guys - much appreciated ^_^

2004-05-29, 19:13

Kanon, Air, and Clannad ^_^

2004-10-31, 09:51

WAH, pico-score went commercial.

I'd buy their book but I'm not sure they ship here >_>