View Full Version : PS2 version of Kanon??

2004-03-07, 20:44
there is a PS 2 version of this game??

2004-03-07, 22:41
Yup. And a Dreamcast version as well.

2004-03-07, 22:55
I like looking at the games in that shop =). They have a bunch of spin-off games using Key's game characters. Like that Ayu-Punch game that is a Mario Bros (Arcade Game) clone, or that fighting game, Eternal Fighter Zero.

They have so many interesting games. It's like the Japanese live in their own world with their own computer games that we don't get to know about. Its like word of thier stuff leaks out to a few americans and we are just saying, "Woa! This game is cool! Someone translate it!" I have to wonder if they feel the same way about americans since we make the best first person shooters.

I like to imagine that there is atleast one ".co.jp" for every ".com" out there. I want to make learning Japanese one of the goals in my life.

2004-03-07, 22:57
Oh my bad, I forgot to log in! The previous post is mine, but not the post prior to that one.

2004-03-08, 05:52
In Japan many people already know how to speak good english. As for first-person-shooting games.... why do you need to speak english in order to play???.. all you do is go around shooting... nothing else. English language would be of interest to them if if they play a 3D RPG like "Neverwinter Nights", other wise it is of no use. But I do think that they learn English in school, as does the rest of the world who don't have English as thier native tonge (utless I know I had to learn it in my country (where ever that it) ).

Back to topic, did anyone get the PS2 version of Kanon??, or does anyone know of a review for it???. At the moment it seems that the DC version of Kanon is gone with the wind. So the only other option people have to get the voice patch is to get the PS2 version. But I don't know if the PS2 version comes with voice or not, or if it comes with the same AFS file format or not, also there will most likely going be an ALL Ages version ONLY for PS2.

Well I do have the voice patch installed already, but I wouldn't mind trying to get the PS2 version if there is *MORE* CG in it, and hopefully even some animation :-)

So does anybody know anything about the PS2 version??

2004-03-08, 20:49
Is it just the voice patch that I downloaded (they were already made into WAVs) or did the Dreamcast version of the game NOT include the voice of Yuuchi? Maybe Yuuichi is voiced in the PS2 version.

The game synopsis at Himeya was really badly translated, and they make it sound as if the PS2 version has the most advanced 2D graphics technology ever. Maybe they do have more CGs.

$68.00 is a lot of money. I don't even have a PS2, I would even have to get a Jap PS2 import! I envy you people who collect these sorts of games.

2004-03-08, 22:43
Nope. They don't voice Yuuichi in the games.

I guess they want you to imagine yourself in Yuuichi's shoes, and didn't want the voice to distract you or whatnot.

2004-03-09, 18:54
There seems to be a vkanontool PS2版 (http://www.goodkey.net/~imai/win32/index.html), so I guess there indeed is voice in the PS2 version :) As to the amount of CGs - I have no idea.

2004-03-09, 20:43
I don't think I know of any hgame that has the main character's voice embedded into it. The idea is most probably because they don't want the character's voice to distance the player. After all, it IS an RPG (the option to change the name is another hint). I'm pretty sure that the PS2 doesn't have extra cgs - only the voice add on.

I don't even have a PS2, I would even have to get a Jap PS2 import!

Is it legal to have the PS2 modded to be multi-region in your area? I remember SONY trying to settle the modding matter in court, but the judge ended it in favour of the modders, stating that multiregioning is anti-competitive. Of course, if you have a mod-chip installed it voids the warranty. I know that there's a ps2 cd that can be bought which can make the ps2 play dvds of any region, but I have no idea if it works for games as well (link provided below)


2004-03-10, 14:50
Oh lord, not ANOTHER Kanon voice patch... ^^; I probably won't support vkanontool PS2-han in the translation, there's a limit to how many versions I can juggle...

<strike>By the way, I believe the PS2 version of Kanon does have voice for Yuuichi, unusual though that is.</strike> Ignore that, I'm talking nonsense, it's AIR where they did that. According to various people who own both, there aren't any significant differences between the DC and PS2 versions of Kanon.

2004-03-10, 15:54
It does? Cool.

But I won't bug you to support it, I don't feel like getting ANOTHER Kanon version myself either anyway ^_^;

2004-03-11, 14:29
Actually, it looks like the patch data files (patch-n.txt and patch-y.txt) are the same in the DC and PS2 versions. So hopefully the scenario data generated is the same :)

Actually, it looks like the PS2 version is made in such a way that it's designed to be the same as the DC version, but with a compile-time flag to select PS2 decoding mode (something about rbbcut.h).