View Full Version : Kanon Voice Patch

2004-03-01, 09:16
Anyone know where i can find it???
<NOTE> i am not talking about the translation compatiability patch</NOTE>

also i am having trouble with the music. I hear the first song and then nothing.

2004-03-01, 14:09


That's haeleth's translated version, I've confirmed that it works.

...You do have the Dreamcast voice files, right?

2004-03-01, 14:37
i need to buy the dreamcast version so i can get the voice files. someone link meh to where i can buy and how to rip from CD when i get it please

2004-03-01, 14:47
No i dont have the voice files, i was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction

(if posting that info is against the rulles please e-mail me (ace_starleaf@hotmail.com))

thanks in advance ^_^

2004-03-03, 12:41
I'd rather the voice files weren't posted here. I believe they can be found on various P2P networks, though.

If you want to buy the DC version, I think Himeya (http://shop.himeya.com) still stock it, although I haven't checked recently. I also don't know how to rip the files from that, but AFAIK ripping the files is quite legal, so if anyone does know how they're welcome to post the information.

2004-03-04, 14:07
I was asking here because I don't trust P2P networks, Normally I use IRC, BitTorrent or FTP.

2004-05-04, 12:46
Isn't Bittorrent a p2p...

2004-05-04, 13:56
That it is. So is IRC.

2004-05-06, 05:05
tru, but bittorrent is contained, it only uploads what i am downloading, and there are NO viruses. also IRC is a direct connection not a P@P application