View Full Version : Kanon Update? Missing CG?

2004-03-01, 07:58
I can't remember where I saw this link, but it looks like there is a 1.2 update for Kanon. http://key.visualarts.gr.jp/kanonupdate.htm. What does this patch do? Does Kanon: A Translation already include changes from this patch?

And what is up with those missing CG files? I am using the catalog viewer in Susie, looking at the filenames, and I am seeing that there is no "FGMK02B", "FGMK04", "FGMK09", "FGMK17", "FGNY16" through "FGNY20", and "FGSR17" through "FGSR20". Could these be CG that got left out of the game but they still exist in Key's office? There must be some reason they didn't rename some files to lower their numbers.

2004-03-01, 08:13
the patch you mentioned only work on the ALL Ages version, it causes the 18+ version to stop working

2004-03-03, 12:38
That's right, it's specifically for the all-age version, and IIRC fixes problems with saved games - I can't check 'cos I'm out of town and this terminal doesn't have any Japanese capabilities.

Users of the English patch should ignore the official update, as it will not work with my patch. The next release, due quite soon now, will include all the updates from the official patch.

As for the missing filenames, well, it could be anything. It may well be that they cut some CGs to fit the game on one disc, or planned to draw CGs that ended up not being drawn due to lack of time or money. I haven't seen anyone comment on it before. ^^