View Full Version : Music that'd be good in Kanon

2004-02-25, 15:09
Basically, suggest alternate music to replace each track on the Kanon CD as background music.

Just for fun, really ^_-;

(But I might actually rip the files and do this ^_^)

2004-02-25, 15:22
No need to rip anything - Kanon uses whatever CD's in the drive, there's no copy protection or anything, so you can just burn your own soundtrack and play. Just make sure whatever you use has at least 23 tracks.

2004-02-25, 16:43
Ah... cool.

But the topic was about what 23 tracks I should put on it... thanks for the tip though ^_-;

2004-02-26, 05:54
Gah, I didn't read your post properly. 申し訳ありませんでございました。

Well, the only other CD I've ever tried it with is AIR's, which works quite nicely. One thing I have thought of doing (but never got round to) is maybe putting together an alternative soundtrack from Square RPGs... there's some music in FFX-2 that would go quite well.

2004-02-26, 14:24
Hm... just the AIR CD, or is there a specific order?

BTW, making sure... Kanon runs without its CD?

2004-02-26, 14:34
Yes, Kanon runs fine without its CD; the only thing the CD is used for after installing is the music, and the game doesn't check track lengths or anything, it just plays whatever tracks are on the CD in the drive at the time, or doesn't play anything if the drive's empty.