View Full Version : vAVG32 menus... what do they say?

2004-02-22, 14:17
They come up as a bunch of question marks... haeleth, or anyone else who can read them, can you help me out? I'm not sure what to do with it since I can't read the text...

2004-02-22, 16:59
This (http://haeleth.net/dl/vavg32e.zip) might help: I've hacked together a rough translated version of the program and documentation. You'll still need the patch data from the original version, so unzip this into the same folder where the original is.

Note that I haven't tested this AT ALL. No guarantees whatsoever that it won't crash and trash your hard disk or whatever. But it should be okay.

By the way, I'd rather people didn't distribute this, at least not before someone's proved it works properly.

2004-02-23, 13:34
Great! Used your translated version, and it worked perfectly... Kanon is much more fun w/ voices IMO ^_^

Thanks a lot!