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Arcane Azmadi
2004-02-21, 03:20
How many of you have ever played this remarkably high quality doujin fighting game? With a large, all-girl cast from Kanon, Air and some others I don't know about, this is probably the best doujin game out there. Currently up to the Bad Moon Edition which replaces Mizuka B with Kanna for the end boss (she's still unbeatable on any level above normal) and includes Kaori Misaka, Doppel Nanase and Ikumi Amasawa as new characters (Mishio Amano was supposed to be there too, but she isn't implemented in my version) this is the best version yet. I'm writing a FAQ for GameFAQs for it at the moment, but there's simply so much to take in that it's rather daunting (and I'm not really the FAQ-writing type anyway). My favourite characters are Mai, Sayuri and Misaki Kawana. Has anyone else played this?

2004-02-21, 19:09
Version 3.10, which added Amano, came out a week or two ago. (There was also a "leaked" version which had Kanna playable with no modification, but that was quickly taken back down).

Oh, and the other characters you don't know are from ONE.

2004-02-22, 17:55
yea i played this but i got it long ago have have no idea how to update it ne ways my fav char is ayu ^_^

2004-02-25, 09:14
Meh, I can beat Kanna at maximum cpu using Mai or Nanase.

Fun game though, I've been having fun with 3.10 and Amano.

You can update from within the same edition (i.e. 1.00 -> 1.4) but not between editions (1.x -> 2.x). That requires you to pay for it =/

2004-02-25, 09:44
Same person as the above.

@ Arcane Azmadi

Go to the tasofro.net website and download the free update to 3.10

Just wondering, how much of the more advanced techniques of EFZ do you know?

2004-02-29, 21:28
Mizuka B is still a boss in the game. It's random on which boss you'll fight at the end. I'd love to be able to play as Kanna in the game. Is there any chance she'll be added back in later?

My favorite characters are Mio and Minagi. ^^

2004-03-01, 13:23
Actually, the boss you fight isn't random at all. It depends entirely if you've used a continue or not.

If you didn't, you fight Kanna. If you did, you fight the old boss.

Personally, my best butt-kicking character is Nanase while my favorite character to use is Mai.

2004-03-01, 17:53
Ah, so that's how it works! Thanks for the info, ChronoReverse! :)

Arcane Azmadi
2004-03-03, 05:12
Actually, I didn't know that. This is because if I am capable of getting up to Kanna without continuing, I do. If I get defeated along the way, I never continue.

The old Mizuka B boss was appallingly cheap (mostly thanks to the Rotten World- her blasting shield attack, as well as her endless stream of homing energy orbs), but Kanna is just evil. On easy or normal she isn't even worth worrying about, since she rarely ever attacks (although her attacks are still absolutely vicious when she does perform them) but on hard she goes absolutely mental on your arse. Seeing as she can juggle you so as to combo off about 1/4 of your life in one go, can counterattack practically any move you may make and virtually never stops blocking, I consider it to be a victory if I can land at least one unblocked blow on her in each round before she crushes me like an insect. The worst bosses in King of Fighters were never this bad! If you can claim to beat her on maximum difficulty so casually, you are probably a liar. Either a liar, or someone who posseses skills beyond what I could even dream of.

I'm not a terribly advanced player, I just play a lot and know the characters and moves well, so my FAQ is mainly a moves list (with detailed descriptions and assessments, so it's quite a task). Favourite combo is Mai's textbook combo- light, medium, medium, heavy, Dispersion: Middle. Favourite move is Ikumi's Eruption of Vitae (hcf+H command throw). Favourite Eternal Special is Misaki's Highend Crush (lvl. 3 only super counter).

Does anyone know if they implemented a human-usable version of Mai's Demon Unleased Eternal Special in the latest patch! I saw the move once or twice in the Blue Sky Edition, but it was CPU-only, which really pissed me off.

2004-03-03, 09:13
You know, I don't appreciate being called a liar.

For someone claiming to know enough about the game to be writing a FAQ, you ought to know that Kanna, like any other CPU boss, has flaws in the AI that can be exploited.

While I'm only capable of defeating her at CPU level 4 on a regular basis using Mai and Nanase, I know people who are actually good at this game (and other fighters too I might add) and can beat her with a wide variety of characters.

The old boss is very cheap. Far cheaper than the new one actually. It's only because the AI isn't that smart that she's beatable. I can only beat her on a regularly basis using Nanase.

Landing a blow on Kanna isn't actually that hard. The hard part is that since it's unlikely you've landed a good poke or combo starter, the counter-attack will most likely decimate you.

Incidentally, with the changes in the move motions for Mai in 3.20 coupled with my lack of practice over the last few months, I can no longer beat Kanna regularly with Mai. Even with Nanase, I can only do it about 40% of the time right now.

Personally, my favorite combo (and its truncated variations) is:


c.B, B, C, 42+C (EX version) (launch), roman cancel, forward dash, B, j.cancel, A, C, forward air dash, C, (land) B (relaunch), j.cancel, A, j.cancel, C, 623+B

Requires enough blinking blue EX for two EX moves. Does over 4400 damage (that's about 40% health). May fail if latter half not in corner (the relaunch may miss, I think this is due to some changes in 3.20). I can't nail this one perfectly, but it looks cool when you do it right.

Arcane Azmadi
2004-03-03, 16:20
If you don't appreciate being called a liar, then it's probably because you do have skills beyond what I can even dream of. My apologies if you misunderstood.

I'm not seriously hardcore and don't know massive combos like you do- I don't even know what Roman Cancel is (although I assume it's the same thing that I refer to as Power Cancel). Like I said, my FAQ is more a move list, since the current one on GameFAQs was apparently written in a different language.

In the new update does Ikumi have Eternal Specials yet? Because her lack of them is a considerable weakness considering she only has 4 moves (one of them not very good and another a command throw).

2004-03-03, 18:15
Hmmm, I was pretty sure Ikumi had overdrives in 3.10 already but here's what they are in 3.2 (I don't know the hidden overdrive or if she even has one yet).


A grab super. Ikumi raises a hand and grabs opponent (if in close range) by the throat. A red cyclone thingy appears and lots of blood splatters out. If she misses, she stands there with her hand up for a moment before returning to normal pose.

2426+button (first part)

2426+button (second part, yes it's the same, you just do it later)

A two part super. First part requires meter, second part does not. Ikumi slams the ground with her fist and then returns to her normal pose. Nothing will happen until you do the move again. Then the place where she slammed the ground with explode into twin red cyclones. Similar to Misuzu's (Testament) traps.

You'll note that I use the Guilty Gear X terminology and notation. That's because I don't know the names of the EFZ moves. The site that used to have them all seems to have taken down the movelist now =(

22+C (requires EX) is what I call a roman cancel since it's similar in nature to GGX's roman cancel (although EFZ is extremely generous in the delay time after the cancel whereas in GGXX there isn't any lag at all).

2 - down
4 - back
6 - forward
8 - up
A - weak
B - medium
C - strong
D - special

Finally, I'd say that I'm actually a fairly mediocre fighting game player. But practice does help a lot. In particular, CPU opponents are generally easier since they are predictable. From playing against human opponents in the arcade (GGXX #Reloaded), I've been schooled many times =\

Where in a human vs human game it would be difficult to fool my opponent with my up-down game, a cpu character would probably fall for it most of the time.

The reason why I can beat Kanna with Mai and Nanase is because I know those two's peculiarities inside out.

Nanase is perfect against the all-out-offense type boss AIs like Kanna because she has Super Armor (KOF term). This allows her to take hits in exchange for a stronger return hit (at least that's what you aim for).

Mai is good because I've practiced with her the most and because she has a very nasty move that can hit either low or high without anyway the opponent knowing until it comes out. Coupled with a fireball (from her little ghost) to force the opponent to block (and hence be in block stun momentarily) it's quite effective for breaking the opponent's guard. Unfortunately, you can't combo from it, but rinse and repeat and the computer can be defeated. Of course this won't be nearly as useful against a human, but it's a useful tool in Mai's arsenal (Mai has been changed so many times between each version it's not even funny -- probably because she tends to be really good).

2004-03-03, 22:03
Mai's Demon Unleased

I have no idea since I don't know the names of the moves. Mai's moves have changed significantly between each edition (and often between versions too).

Currently, in version 3.20, Mai has three overdrives that I know of.


Mai crouchs and goes into a draw stance. She will suddenly lunge forward and if it hits will go pass the opponent and spin her sword. Opponent is frozen for a moment before being hit just as Mai sheaths her sword. Level 1 is simply a flash on startup. Level 2, Mai gets bunny ears. Level 3, Mai gets bunny ears and the entire background turns into the wheat field.

Level three hits opponent on the ground across up to approximately 80% of the screen (in 3.10 only it was around 90% -- Crazy! Luckily they nerfed it again)

2424+button (spirit must be ready but not active)

Mai's little spirit thingy comes out and fires a fireball that looks like Takuma's (and Ryo's and Roberts and Yuri's -- KOF) and even has the same stance. Each level simply does more damage. This move isn't really that powerful, but it has the advantage that it comes out fairly quick and that it knocks the opponent across the screen if it connects. Even if it's blocked, it hits multiple times and gives you a little time to regroup.

2626+D (spirit must be ready but not active. Hidden overdrive[i.e. life must be flashing] -- 2 part -- enhancement -- additional moves)

6+button (fast slashes)

24+button (energy column)

2626+D (second part)

Mai raises her sword and her spirit enters it. A timer appears and now Mai has enhanced powers. Her f+button slashes comes out very fast and recovers so quickly she can hit an opponent knocked into the air with another slash and another slash, ad infinitum. However, each slash reduces the timer bar by a certain amount causing it to drop faster. Mai also has access to a new move: 24+button. Mai raises a hand and a column of purple energy jets from the ground. The different buttons choose the distance the column appears. Each time this move is used, the timer bar goes down a bit more.

Finally, as long as the timer bar is still active, Mai has access to a new overdrive: 2626+D. Mai will do a quick slash (not unlike Johnny's overdrive in GGX) and if it connects the screen will go black as you see a purple slash (similar to the one in the Melty Blood's dialogue scenes). As the blackness fades, you'll see Mai kneeling with her sword and her opponent frozen before the hit connects and the opponent is knocked down.

Playing around a bit more has revealed some new things for me. The move that Mai used to be able to mix up high and low can no longer hit high. The low version still hits low, but the high version can be blocked crouching now.

Mai's hidden overdrive's second part actually has two versions. A close grab version and a ranged strike version. If you're within throwing range, the super will be as I described above. If you're a bit further out or if the opponent is in the air, Mai will simply do a slash instead (which incidentally isn't that powerful).

2004-03-11, 04:08
Ikumi do have Hidden Overdrive.

It's 262626 + C.


Kanna is pretty easy to defeat once you get use to her attacks. Although it is very random, Kanna's attack do have some kind of 'Patterns'

P.S. I can defeat Kanna only by using Minagi, Kanna and Sayuri though ^^;;;

2004-03-11, 07:47
Yeah, I spent some time looking at the GameFAQs faq after typing that up and tried out all the hidden overdrives. Fun fun fun, especially Misaki's.

As for patterns, Kanna's most obvious pattern is Perfect Defend Attack Attack Attack.

Before the 3.05 patch, it was actually possible to beat Kanna without attacking at all using Sayuri. You just keep using her counter move as Kanna gets up and Kanna will hit you and get countered without fail until she dies. However, the ai is sufficiently changed now that it's not always the case any longer :D

Arcane Azmadi
2004-03-15, 20:19
I see my problem- I didn't even get the update to 3.05 and was still running on 3.03, so Ikumi didn't have any Eternal Specials (which badly weakened her, although her current specials aren't very good). Additionally, Mai didn't have the follow up to her Awakening (qcf, qcf+S) which made it more or less useless, nor did she have any kind of qcb, qcb+A special.

The old Mai Eternal Special I referred to as "Demon Unleashed" was a move where Mai made the ground erupt in pillars of purple energy, running across the screen. I only saw it twice, since in the version of Blue Sky I had the move was CPU only, and the CPU didn't use it very often. It was cool, and the new Special she has in its place is absolutely no substitute.

2004-03-16, 08:13
You mean the one that looks like Magneto's Magnetic Shockwave in MvC2? It was actually performable by a human player in one version of EFZ. However, I don't remember which version it was, just that I could use it.

And her new followup is by far cooler than the shockwave one if you connect it as a grab (that is, up close where it becomes unblockable and gets a snazzy sequence). ;-)

And one more thing: Ryo's Haoh Shouko Ken 0\/\/|\|Z3RZ you, therefore Mai's new super is cool (albeit weak). XD

2004-03-17, 06:41
I have a question.

I've noticed a few people here talking about 3.20. When I go to tasofro.net, they say the newest version is 3.10. Where are you finding a newer patch then what's listed on their site, if you don't mind me asking?

2004-03-17, 12:01
No, I'm just being stupid, I really meant 3.1 (I still don't know why I put 3.2 so many times and didn't notice).