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2004-02-14, 19:34
Haeleth, you sead you already got your coppy. Damn you ^_^
Mine is still in japan.

but i had a question: is this (http://www.typemoon.com/count/0127.htm) True?
serieusly, " Pentium4 2.4[ABC]GHz/AthlonXP 2500+/512MB以上" is it realtime animated?!

2004-02-15, 03:00
You'll be glad to hear that that's the spec above which they don't expect any improvements - the minimum spec listed on the back of the box is a P3-400 MHz, and the game runs perfectly on my ageing Athlon XP 1600+.

Have you played the demo? Remember the sword effects? Those are what's slow - the game does a lot of panning, zooming and blending on full-screen graphics, apparently without using any 3D acceleration.

Oh, and before anyone asks, no, I'm not planning to translate it. :p

2004-02-15, 03:16
No I haven't played the demo.
I thought it was a bit tiresome to play all threw the some part with Age's demos. And I knew I would buy the game any way.

So all the effects aren't accelerated. figures, couse they haven't had the experience with such things.