View Full Version : No CD version of Clannad?

2004-02-14, 13:09
Looks like the CD version of Clannad has been canceleld... damn now I need to buy a DVD drive... let's hope this means it has voices though!

2004-02-14, 14:04
let's hope this means it has voices though!

Not necessarily... Fate/stay night was 3 CDs and without voice, so you can't extrapolate from the size of the game that way. More likely they just have a ton of high resolution CGs.

2004-02-14, 19:25
where did you read this info?
I only see that they have changed the release dat from spring 2004 to 2004.

2004-02-15, 02:44
Check the list of future releases on Versammeln (http://www.product.co.jp) (site contains adult images) - the release date is still listed as spring 2004, but the CD version has disappeared.

A recent post (http://kaede.sakura.ne.jp/~key/dic/dr.cgi?key=813) on the Keyな大辞典 (http://kaede.sakura.ne.jp/~key/dic) claims that the reason for the change is that the CD version would have taken 10 CDs... that sounds unlikely to me, but it makes a good rumour. ^^

2004-02-15, 03:08
the official CLANNAD (http://clannad.prpage.jp/) site says that they have postpone it to 2004.

2004-02-15, 14:26
I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I hope it doesn't come out too soon, though, I'm dangerously close to my credit limit already... ^^

2004-02-16, 01:53
More likely they just have a ton of high resolution CGs

I sure hope so, to me there are lots of seens in Kanon that should have had thier own CG. ie. (http://tools.geht.net/rot13.html)

1- Znxbgb snyyvat qbja gur fgnvef
2- Znxbgb uvgvat ure urnq
3- Lbhhpu onggvat ...... ba gur urnq

And am sure there would be more CGs coming to mind as the game progress.

P.S. 10 CDs... sound more like they have included some animation as well :-)

Off topic: There is a PS2 version of Kanon, doesn't anybody know if it have any more CGs onit??? (after all it is on DVD)

2004-02-29, 21:36
My goodness...10 cds? That mean that the game should be 2-3 dvds then, or am I missing something?

Either way, that's alot of data. I'm expecting great things, Key! ^^