View Full Version : Isn't ara-ara closer to something like "my, my"?

2004-02-11, 18:49

I dunno. It was mentioned as a problem, so I'm just suggesting an alternative... not sure if it's used in Britain though, I wouldn't know >_>

I use it often enough, is all...

Sorry if this topic sounds stupid, it just didn't fit anywhere else...

2004-02-11, 23:47
ara, ara. is used as a kinda of gentle exclamation by women. not sure of exact translation but still i know what it means itself. not translated.

2004-02-12, 02:37
It doesn't really translate, hence the comment about it. Really it depends on context (doesn't everything?) - "my, my" might well work better in some contexts.

2004-02-12, 20:05
Ok, thanks for clearing that up ^_^;

As you probably can tell I don't really have much knowledge of Japanese (what I do get comes only from watching anime, subbed at that)... again. sorry if this was a stupid question x_x