View Full Version : PocketPC Kanon and Air??

2004-02-04, 06:57
Hey does anyone know anything about Kanon and Air coming to the Pocket PC???.

Just found a torrent file, that is called "Pocket Kanon & Air [DoujinGame]". So I am wandering if this is someone's file that simple have a missleading name, or if it is the actual Game for the Pocket PC (which mean someone have gone MAD enough to port the Engine to the Pocket PC).

Oh well, I am trying to get it now to see what it is, if it is the game, then hopefully the Trainslation Patch will work on it :-)

2004-02-04, 07:08
That would be this (http://members.jcom.home.ne.jp/studio-siesta/pka.htm) commercial doujin game, which you can buy from places like Himeya (http://shop.himeya.com/). Hence the sudden dissapearance of your link. ;)

However, you can find an actual Pocket PC port of Kanon here (http://waffle.bunkasha.co.jp/zau/index.html); I don't know if it will work with my patch, since it's based on the Waffle engine which has issues with it, but you're welcome to try. Yep, someone really has been mad enough to port it...