View Full Version : Nayuki's CG

2004-01-30, 19:20
Based on my one-semester's worth of Japanese knowledge, I muddled my way to Nayuki's ending.

In the Omake section I get to see her CG, but I don't have the last one (my version is the uncensored one). Anybody have it? Or is it like a "bad ending" CG?

2004-01-30, 23:31
no comment ^^

2004-01-31, 06:41
Don't worry - there's no way you could have got that CG yet, and it's not a bad ending one.

Explanation (a spoiler, hence ROT13 (http://tools.geht.net/rot13.html)'d):

Gb trg Anlhxv'f ynfg PT lbh unir gb cynl Znxbgb'f fpranevb nsgre jvaavat Anlhxv'f. Jura, ba Wnahnel 18gu, Nxvxb fnlf gung gurer'yy or abguvat ohg gebhoyr vs Anlhxv svaqf gur png, pubbfr gur bcgvba gb vzntvar gur fprar.