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2004-01-20, 08:25
Hey, first I would like to say thanks for your effort at translating Kanon.

I think you are doing a great job, and I personally have very little trouble dealing with most of the english in the translation, but some of it seems to sound really strange to me, an American. If you would like I would be willing to take the english script and rewrite it a bit for us americans.

Just figured I'd offer my services.

2004-01-20, 11:51
well shoot. i am american and can understand it just fine. but maybe that is just me since i can read and write in about three different Languages hehe ^^

2004-01-20, 13:28
I understand it too, but most of that is due to my background. I just think it may be slightly more enjoyable if it were written with the american equivalent to those english expressions

2004-01-20, 13:51
An American version is certainly on my "to do" list, but I don't plan to offer one till the British patch is finished.

Why not? Well, much as I'd like to be able to cackle evilly and gloat over this terrible vengeance I'm wreaking on America for all those years of being forced to watch Hollywood movies and imported American sitcoms, the reason is rather more prosaic - everything's too fluid. I'd want to be able to give the American editor a copy of the script and compiler and let them get on with it, but as it stands that would be horribly complicated to manage - either I'd have to send them copies of every single change I made, or they'd have to start again from scratch with every new release of the patch. It would be a lot of hassle, for me as well as for them.

The offer is appreciated, though. I may well get in touch when the code settles down a bit, and see if you're still interested then.

In the meantime, there's plenty of scope to make the current version more American-friendly - people are encouraged to draw my attention to anything they think is unnecessarily obscure.

2004-01-21, 10:37
I wouldn't want the game to be TOO americanized or englishfied (is there such a word?). I assume most people who play these kinda games watch animes a lot and so have some understanding of japanese culture. Me wants it close to the original!! Gotta love the feature where u can click on a word u dun know and get explanations for it with in the game.

2004-01-21, 13:21
Well I'l just wait until you are done. Then you can get in touch with me.

BTW I wouldn't want it too Americanized either, but I would rather substitute the common american terms and phraseology for the brithish ones.

2004-01-21, 18:14
Seriously: canteen is one of those words that just doesn't sound right at all. I did figure that you meant cafeteria but it took about 7 seconds for me to realize that.

Four seconds after reading the word canteen, I envisioned a rather small dining area where they served food and alcoholic drinks. Three seconds after that in envisioned a small flask with apple juice (what the hell? a see-through canteen?). Then finally I thought, "this must be the school cafeteria".

My point is: while the definition may technically be correct: http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=canteen. Americans like me will simply associate words like this with the wrong meaning.

2004-01-21, 18:23
Brickman: Damn right! Thats best feature! It is only surpassed by the exclamation mark that apears in the top-right of the screen giving you a great background of the sentence or how it was translated.

2004-01-22, 00:07
maybe it is because i am trying to be a linguist but i acctually prefer to see new words used in different ways like Canteen is in the game. hehe. once i have Spanish and Japanese down, my dad is already starting to teach mt tongalogue. spoken in the phillipines. hehe i love Languages ^^

2004-03-16, 21:49
The patch is written in British English? O_o. I didn't even notice till I read this thread. I find the current translation just fine.

2004-03-17, 01:53
No problem reading the script at all for me... of course, i'm english so that might be why...

2004-03-17, 04:20
Please try to remember that most of the world learns british english in school, and not american (and when we doubt of a word, witch is often, we open a british dictionary). It is somewhat confusing to read american :)

I wouldn't dislike it (well, it is only a matter of few words), but in this case, I'd rather read japanesed english :)

2004-03-17, 08:51
You people are pretty arogant thinking everyone should read British English. I was just thinking it might be nice to make it a bit easier for the majority of Americans out there to understand. I really was not saying that our version of the language is better, just that we in America have American English dictionaries and not British ones to look up words. They have thins currious little tendancy to give us American deffinitions rather than the British/International ones.

By the way, if you intend to lecture about how the world learns British English you should learn the proper way to spell. The proper word woulld have been which not witch Vlobulle.

2004-03-17, 10:21
Sigh. What's with the argument about British or American English? The reason the patch is in British English is because Haeleth is British, not because British English is better.

As for the current patch, I haven't seen anything that an American couldn't understand in it. Perhaps the use of words such as "Mummy" may seem a bit unusual, but it's perfectly understandable. Maybe a little bit of thought is needed, but no big deal, really.

I'm willing to help Valheru "convert" the script when you're ready for that, though.

2004-03-17, 11:19
Sorry, I clearly have misunderstood the point here, I really didn't want to mean that.

Of course I don't mind every-day's american english. In fact, I mostly don't even notice the difference (canteen ? cafeteria ? it could even have been restaurant, for me it would have been the same : roughly some place where one's eat ;)) I was just alarmed of the possibility it might become somewhat 'too' americanised, with the usage of too many 'local' expressions, like translating some Tokyo dialect in Osakan dialect. But I was wrong, sorry again :)

I think it's because it's the first time I heard about a translation of a translation, and furthermore in two so similar langages ;)

Please don't mind me anymore :)

2004-03-17, 11:21
(sorry, it was me, forgot my name)

2004-03-17, 12:41
Whoa, how did this ever turn into a controversy?

Allow me to state my final position, just so everyone's quite clear: the patch will stay in British English while it's still a work in progress, because that's what comes naturally to me, but the final release will come in both British and American editions.

In the meantime, there's a glossary in the README explaining such British terms as I've used that might sound odd to Americans. Submissions are welcome if I've missed anything.

To any Scots, Canadian, Irish, Australian, Kiwi, Indian, or South African fans who feel left out: I haven't ruled out patches in your dialects, but please don't bother pestering me till the British version is finished at least.

To any Welsh fans offended at the omission of their region from the above list: sorry, but you're covered by the British patch. (So are the Scots, technically, but they're more devolved than you are.)