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2004-01-15, 06:15
AVGcensor is the promised program to remove the naughty-type adult bits from AIR and Kanon.

If you bought the adult version and then wished you hadn't, this program should solve your problems (and make it safe for your mum and/or kids to play the game too). If you haven't bought the game yet, you should be aware that this program does NOT turn the adult version into the all-age version; the latter features all-new graphics that are not included in this package.

Anyway, for those as wants it, you can get the thing here (http://haeleth.net/dl/avgcensor.zip) (277 kb). Includes source code for perverse types who insist on not using Windows. :p

Bust Nak
2004-01-15, 08:04
Thank you for this program, and for delivering in such a short amount of time too. Now I will carry on with Kano's story.

2004-01-15, 15:17
oooo. maybe just to be mean to those ecchi people you should attach this to all your patches so that whatever version they have it will censor it. hehe that wouls be SOOO evul. lol

2004-01-15, 17:48
What would be really evil would be to add the H scenes to the all-age version. But they wouldn't be the same without the pictures... ^^

2004-01-16, 11:37

2004-01-19, 10:21
Heh, thats actualy a good idea... Maybe if someone had bought (or downloaded) both versions of a game, there could be a program to extrect the H scenes/pictures from the adult version and add them to the all age version or the other way around. Then the game would be modified slighty to allow you to choose between the adult and all-ages during the course of the game (or in the options menu). It beats installing both versions on the same hard drive when the majority of the game is simular.

Oh hell, it would be kind of stupid to do this. I doubt anyone is going to buy both versions, and I don't think the all-ages version is downloadable anywhere.

2004-01-19, 10:56
I seriously doubt anyone is going to buy both versions, and I'm certainly not going to do anything that encourages people to download the game, even if they have already bought one copy... it's a matter of principle.

Besides, there isn't anything new in the all-age version beyond a dozen or so new CGs, and you can ogle those to your heart's content in Susie or whatever. ;)

2004-01-19, 22:44
Besides, there isn't anything new in the all-age version beyond a dozen or so new CGs, and you can ogle those to your heart's content in Susie or whatever. ;)

I understand that to "ogle" is to stare at impertinently, flirtatiously, or amorously. But you completely lost me when you said Susie with the capitol S & the wink face.

2004-01-20, 02:48
From the Susie homepage (http://www.digitalpad.co.jp/~takechin/): "Susie is a graphic viewer that supports many of graphics formats used in Japan" - including the PDT format used by Kanon, if you have the right plugin (http://www3.airnet.ne.jp/~vzr04461/nf/download/isthisuseful.html).

2004-01-20, 11:49
Susie is also the name of the girl that lives next door 0_0

2004-01-30, 19:39
I downloaded Susie, but how would I go about installing the susie plug ins?

Pages tell me that all I have to do is put the filter in the same directory as I installed Susie, but this does not seem to work...

2004-01-30, 21:59
It worked for me... I did extract the plugins in such a way that the file "Susie.exe" and "Ifpdt.spi" are exactly next to each other; in the same folder. It has to be working... You won't actualy get any confirmation that the plugin is installed but you will still be able to open the pdt files.

2004-01-30, 23:35
i still find it incredibly wierd to find a image viewer named after my next door neighbor

2004-02-03, 08:23
Seriously... I went onto eMule and searched for the dreamcast game of Kanon and never found it. There was a file simply named "[HCG]Kanon.zip" so I downloaded it and only got an art pack that contains all the images from the dreamcast and PC versions excluding scenery, character art (character with black background), and text.

I was comparing the DC and PC images. The dreamcast version art is fantastic (if I have the permision to use that word without sounding gay). Esspecialy that image (FGNY24.jpg) where you and Nayuki are standing near a bench around the time where the leaves are pink.

Maybe I shouldn't have said this... it just makes me want the game even more =)

2004-02-03, 13:47
all i want is VOICES!!! it makes the game meaningful somehow. know what i mean?

2004-02-03, 14:14
damn, now I don't have to buy the All-age PC version any more......... *looking at his 18+ PC, DC and PS2 version*

2004-02-03, 15:16
all i want is VOICES!!! it makes the game meaningful somehow. know what i mean?
Sure, then "all" you need to do is buy the DC version (Himeya still have it in stock) and rip them. :p

Personally I find the games evocative enough with just the music. I've played games with full voice and worse music, and they just weren't as immersive as Key's games.

2004-02-03, 21:47
dude, tell me where this himeya is, and what software i need to rip the voices and i would be more than HAPPY to do it. i just have a lack of info in these areas. ^^

and your right. the music does bring a lot into the game. but this game has awesome music and from the comentary from people who have heard it the voices are also awesome. so basically i want the full range of happiness from this game ^^.

2004-02-04, 06:43
You can download the Voice add-on using WinMx (http://www.winmx.com). Just search for Kanon, and you will get the results.

Edit (Haeleth): this is getting dangerously close to violating the "Don't ask for, or provide, links to roms, warez, or similarly dodgy stuff" rule. I'm okay with you saying the stuff is on such and such a network, but please don't post anything very specific.

While you are at it, you can also download Anime Music Videos (AMV) of Kanon, Air and many other games if you like them (for some resone Japanes people call AMV as (MAD) when it come to game, sill don't know why. Maybe they have gone MAD about the game :-) )

Good luck, and hope this helps.

2004-02-04, 14:42
MAD, I believe, is the term given to fan made multimedia products. Things such as video and audio fall under MAD, whereas doujin tends to describe games and manga.
The reason it's called MAD is because MAD was the name of the group that did the first MAD back in the 70s or 80s (I forget which) The first MAD, I think, was a song that they played themselves.

2004-03-13, 11:39
Just wondering... how does this work? Does it remove parts of the script, or does it actually remove the H-pics from the PDT files?

2004-03-13, 12:30
AVGCensor? It removes parts of the script, or more precisely removes access to them (the naughty text is still there in the file, you just won't see it in the game).

It also blanks out the H CGs; the theory was that that would stop them showing up in CG mode for people who'd played through the H scenes already, although I just realised that it doesn't do a very good job there (the H pictures will still appear in the thumbnails, you just won't be able to see them full-screen any more). I'm working on a fix for that right now.

2004-03-13, 14:27
Would they still be viewable in Susie or are they blanked out there too?

2004-03-13, 15:33
When I say "blanked out", I mean the bitmap file is literally replaced with a plain white one. So the copies on your hard disk will no longer be viewable in Susie, but obviously the copies on your game CD won't be affected. All the patch does is make the game all-age while you play it, not lock down the whole computer!

2004-03-13, 18:30
That makes sense, I guess ^_^;