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2004-01-11, 13:22
I recently finished Kanon up to that thursday where Nayuki is going to show me to the CD shop and I am now waiting for the next translation patch. I think I have a pretty good saved game, but there is one thing that has really been bothering me: am I being too hard on Makoto?

SPOILER ALERT - If you have gotten as far as I have in this game, then copy and paste into notepad or another text editor with normal size fonts.

I tried to trick Makoto into telling me her name. I dropped food on her while she was looking for a midnight snack and she hit her head. She tried to get revenge on me the next night but I forced her to eat her lies. The next night she tries to set off insecticide in my room but I confuse her into thinking theres a fire so she bruises herself by running into the walls and falling down the stairs. Next day, she follows me to school at night, and after being held at swordpoint, I scold her for taking curtains that don't belong to her. She tries to cut my hair later that night, but she gets away with only my papers. Next day I see her going to the shopping mall so I ask her to get me some porn since she is an adult anyways. At dinner I saw the pain and fear in her eyes, so I left the money buisiness to Akiko. That night she tried to set off fireworks in my own room and I returned to favor by skillfully throwing them back out.

No wonder this girl says she will never forgive me. Every time she trys to play with me, it backfires and hurts her even more than it hurts me. Shes just making herself look worst you know? Everybodys just going to keep feeling sorry for her..... I do.

Somebody tell me... am I being too mean? Should I take her pranks without retaliation or should I still foil her plans in hopes that she will just give up and stop fighting back? She is being hurt physically and emotionaly and it hurts me to see her like this.

2004-01-11, 14:08
lol, you went a little farther than i did. of course i have seen the anime so i know most of what she was gonna do anyway. but a couple times i let her do the things so she could be scolded by Akito. other times i got her back. so it really depends on what you want to do.

2004-01-12, 08:44
I want to play that thursday where they find the CD shop, but whenever I see Nayuki's emmbarassed face (blushing?), I have to ask myself "what are they saying??? I should wait for the rest of the translation". Thats why I never see what happened to Makoto after that hillarious nasty accident last night. Thats what I love about this game... Yuuchi is the funniest guy I have ever seen (or not).

Akiko scolds Makoto? Thats hard to imagine when Nayuki and her mother are way too lazy and carefree. It was pretty sad when they got dissapointed in me for yelling at Makoto during dinner. So I loaded my game and took the other choice.

Are you saying that the anime is just like the game except you don't make the choices? I wanted to download some fansubs of it, but I wasn't too sure of what it was that I was getting.

2004-01-12, 19:09
personally since i loved the anime so much i made every choice up till now following it. this novel basically does follow the anime almost to the T. except for a little extra stuff here and there. and thisreally rocks since i am a part of what happens. ^^

2004-01-29, 21:08
hahahaha, In the begining I got her every time she tried some prank again but soon after i got tierd of here so i didn't care what hapend. And just when I thougt she became annoying i some how ended up in her scenario. your thoughts about here wil change dramaticly. Just paly the whole scenario ^-^ (sorry, i will try to do my best)

<possible spoiler, not that you will get it if you haven't played it>

most memorable part of makoto's scenario for me, was when Akiko says "Itterassyai" (in the voiced version). that was damn emotional and good voice acting. I just couldn't push the button after that.

2004-01-30, 01:42
damn i need the voices...

2004-01-30, 21:55
What does "Itterassyai" mean? Emotional, in a sad or mad way? Now I wish I had the Dreamcast game... even though I can't understand the words I still might be able to understand the emotion.

A few people say they cried when they played this game, and I really want to see what could possibly be so sad about one of the characters in the game. With hope, this translation won't change the emotional impact...

Well if telling me the meaning of the words "Itterassyai" itself is a spoiler then please don't even bother telling me.

2004-01-30, 23:33
roughly it translates as "goodbye" it is what the japanese people say when leaving the house. Itterassyai is said by the person remaining behind. the one not leaving. oh man i can just imagine how sad her voice must sound while saying that to makoto...

2004-01-31, 01:34
RyokoTenchi, that's the whole point. "Itterassyai" doesn't mean "goodbye". It is a thing that would be sead to some one leaving the house. A rough translation of it would be "goodbye" but it used diffrently than the english word. I don't know if there is a close enough wordt in english for it. But if it was meant as "goodbye" she would have sead "Sayounara", They intentionnaly didn't.

I'am afraid if I explan it better i would spoil too much.

2004-01-31, 15:28
yeah, they way she says it is how japanese would say when leaving the house. thats why i mentioned it. just like you though i was looking for another way to say it. kinda hard in english. basically it is saying goodbye but thinking they will be coming back. than they say Tadaimasu or something like that. heh

2004-01-31, 16:17
kinda hard in english. basically it is saying goodbye but thinking they will be coming back.
As a purely abstract point completely unrelated to Makoto, the closest semantic translation I can think of would be something like "see you soon".

The standard way of handling the difference between "goodbye forever" and "goodbye for now" in English is to give up and use something non-English like "au revoir" for the latter - although since that's not even close to the meaning of いってらっしゃい I probably won't go with it in this case. ;)

than they say Tadaimasu or something like that.
You're thinking of ただいま, which means "just now". (In case you're wondering why you say "just now" to announce that you're back, it's because it's an abbreviation of ただ今戻りました, meaning "I just got back".)

And I remembered the tooltips this time! :p

2004-02-02, 02:21
According to Fansubs, "Itterassyai" means "have a safe trip". Isn't that close enough???

I don't know about the voice in the game, but I did see the TV serise, and yes, when Akiko-san said "Itterassyai" to Mokoto-chan, it was the saddest moment I have ever seen in an anime. I wander if it will be even sadder in the game.

Back to topic, JudicatorOmega, if someone you didn't know or trust did all those things to you, then what would you do to them??? Don't forget to be *yourself* :-), (and I am also asuming that you did *NOT* watch the anime and know the answer to somethings in advance)

To anyone who have *NOT* watched the anime yet, and want to play Kanon, then my advice is. Do *NOT* watch the anime. I loved the anime, but now that I am playing the game, I hate the fact that I did watch it, becuase it already gave me the *IMPORTANT* answer to the story.

2004-02-03, 08:01
Well, I am being myself (not a pretentious guy just trying to show off by saving the game, choosing one option to see what kind of reaction I get, then loading the game to see if the other option is better).

The reason I ask is because the text says I busted her head by mistake while she was trying to get food at night and I made her run into the wall about 4 times and then fall down the stairs. I admit to laughing for 10 seconds, but thereafter I would have said "ouch... that must have hurt".

It will probably never happen, but the way things have been going, I am amazed she hasn't ran off the balcony, fell out of the house headfirst into the bushes, and run away to the home she can't rememebr she lives at.