View Full Version : I need help with Neugier for the Super Famicom

2003-12-27, 14:53
First of all, my apologies since this is probably an uber newbie and very stuipid kind of question... But does the patch works on the newest version of Snes9X or is it my rom? I have tried to around five times in a row and all I get is a black screen. I have done it in the two possible ways being by patching the rom and by using the built in pre patching system in the emulator, yet still doesn't work. Can someone fill me in? u.u

2003-12-27, 16:20
Well, I just tried it and it works for me (patch version 1.10, Snes9x version 1.42 for Windows). Sounds like troubleshooting time.

When you first load the ROM in Snes9x, it should display the following message at the bottom of the screen:
"Neugier (tr. Haeleth)" [checksum ok] LoROM, 8Mbits, Type: ROM+RAM+BAT, Mode: 20, TV: NTSC, S-RAM: 2KB, ROMId: ???? Company: A0 CRC32: E408604A

When you load the unpatched Japanese ROM, it should display a similar message:
"NEUGIER" [checksum ok] LoROM, 8Mbits, Type: ROM+RAM+BAT, Mode: 20, TV: NTSC, S-RAM: 2KB, ROMId: ???? Company: A0 CRC32: 7F0DDCCF
If both messages are correct, then the problem is with Snes9x.
If the text displayed for the original ROM is correct, but the text for the patched ROM is wrong, then the problem is with the patch.
If the text is wrong for the original ROM as well, then the problem is your ROM.
Hopefully that should narrow it down a bit.

2003-12-27, 16:52
It seems to be a problem with the patch itself, but I find that strange. I have tried the patch available at The Whirlpool and the one on your site. So chances is that it could my emulator as well. Although it isn't the rom since it works perfectly unpatched in my emulator. Hmm. Do you have any other suggestions?

2003-12-28, 06:43
One possibility that springs to mind is that your ROM, while good, may be different from the one I have, which will naturally cause problems when patching.

The most likely difference is that your ROM may lack a header, while the patch assumes that a header is present. Easy to check - just look at the size of the file. If it's 1,049,088 bytes, it has a header; if it's 1,048,576 bytes, it doesn't. In that case, use SNESTOOL to add a header to it (answer N to both questions); you can find SNESTOOL by following the links from the Whirlpool's FAQ.

If that doesn't help, please download SMC.COM (also linked from the Whirlpool's FAQ) and post the output you get when you run it on the unpatched ROM.