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2003-12-26, 12:42
Am I the only one here who's not looking forward to Kanon? (http://www.haeleth.net/darklaw.html) :/

Seriously, today I've gotten off my arse and done two things that people have been nagging me about for a while. I might as well try for a third, heh :) Let's see if I can find any cool SPCs of the game in question to egg me on.

2003-12-26, 13:09
Gah! I seem to have lost that table file. I'll send you an email.

2003-12-27, 03:33
Am I the only one here who's not looking forward to Kanon?
Probably. Lefia's kinda cute, and I'd say the same of Meryl if I dared, but they've got nothing on Ayu. :p

Let's see if I can find any cool SPCs of the game in question to egg me on.
DL uses some kind of weird nasty music engine, hence the long pause every time the tune changes. I don't know of anyone who's ever managed to dump an SPC successfully.

2003-12-28, 10:58

Incidentally, if I'm going to do that thing for you, I -am- going to need another copy of the table as well as some free space designated to put the new stuff in.

2003-12-28, 14:33
Ooh, I was wondering when someone would get round to translating that! Might have guessed it'd be you. :p

2003-12-30, 01:49
Yep! Got Shih Tzu on board for the dialogue :)

Pity there isn't enough space in the program bank for a DTE routine though...

2003-12-30, 02:35
Nasty tiny ROMs == why I've never hacked a Famicom game.

Did you get my email?

2004-01-06, 20:55
Yep, I did. More as it develops.
Working on a website update right now though. 'bout time, if I do say so myself.

2004-01-06, 23:35
m00. what is Dark Law all about? sounds kinda like Y's. hehe

2004-01-07, 02:18
Dark Law? Well, the basic plot is that three hundred years ago King Daruk of Amugnon, faced with a desperate famine, turned to devil-worship, but the devil predictably turned him and all his people into ravening demons, who invaded the neighbouring country of Layfall. The horrors of the war which ensued drove God to such depths of despair that he decided to wipe out the human race, but at the last minute Princess Sophia sacrificed herself to appease his wrath and instead he sealed the demons away in the underworld.

That's the introduction. The game opens just after some crazy fools open the seal; the player wakes up outside a temple, near a monument to Sophia, with no idea who they are or how they got there. It's impossible to say more without spoiling things.

It's a pretty good game, anyway... ASCII's Dark Lord - Wizap! - Dark Law series deserves to be better known, the games have a much darker atmosphere than most console RPGs, and much more freedom of action. (When I say "series", they're not sequels per se... it's a bit like Final Fantasy in terms of how the games are connected.)