View Full Version : Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien Patch

2003-12-18, 07:50
Does anyone know where I can find one, or are you going to do one in the future :P

2003-12-18, 13:25
Heh, it was bound only to be a matter of time before someone asked that, since the anime came out...

Answer: sorry, but I'm afraid I don't know of any patches, or of anyone working on it, and I don't have any immediate plans to translate it myself - I'm not making any post-Kanon plans till it's finished, and that could take another year!

2003-12-21, 10:55
Check this placeout, http://nandayo.net/archangel.php?x=news Not sure If thier ging to really do it tough.

2003-12-21, 13:13
Interesting. Probably worth keeping an eye on, but they mention that they don't have a translator lined up, which is not a good sign. I believe Kiminozo's script is even larger than Kanon's, and it can be hard to find translators for projects a fraction of the size...

2004-01-04, 07:50

ok i have only seen like 11 episodes f this anime so far and all i can say is OMG, IS THIS GUY AN IDIOT OR WHAT!! i seriously cannot watch this show without being completely pissed at his actions. he never should have left haruka alone in that hospital and gone with hayase. thats all i will say. -_-

if this is a game and it possible to do that i would do it everytime. no experimentation. grrr i hate cowardly men. *PIsses and moans about idiotic guys than runs around banging his head on wall* i feel better now.


2004-01-07, 19:21

you mean befor she wakes up? or after?

2004-01-08, 00:59

i mean when before, during, and After. the cheating bitch. 0_0

Bust Nak
2004-01-19, 02:01
Saw the whole lot in one go yesterday, I think it's very good, just the kind of thing I like.


As for the actions of Takayuki, I got to say I can't blame him. He was just kinda got caught up in the middle of all of it. If there is one person's action I don't like it's Shinji's, he took advantage of Mizuki when she was vulnerable. Not only are Mizuki and Takayuki his best friends, he knew Mizuki wasn't really herself at the time, how could he do that to his best friends? I just hope I have the resolve to say no if anything like that ever happens to me. He certainly regretted it afterwards.

2004-01-20, 11:53

no matter what happened i would have not cheated with Hayase. i just could never leave the girl that got hurt waiting for me for another girl. no matter what happened. i would have waited but maybe thats just me ^^

2004-03-04, 14:00
If any one knows how and can show me how to unpack/repack the "A017KDS.rio" file on the DVD Version I will try to make an attempt at translating it.