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2003-12-15, 19:19
Hi everyone! Just a quick question - before we install the kanon voice patch v0.25, should we already have obtained some sort of update that allows the voices to be activated in the game? If so, then where can I get it?

Thanks, and have a happy holiday!

2003-12-16, 04:34
You mean the voice patch compatibility patch v0.25, I take it? The one from the download page that says "voice patch not included"?

Yes, you will have to install the actual voice patch first. Quoting from the Kanon page here:
I can tell you where to find the patch easily enough -- try vAVG32 (http://vavg32.cjb.net/) -- but in order to use it you'll need a copy of the voice files from the Dreamcast version, and I have no idea how you'd get those.

2003-12-16, 15:31
I see! Thanks for that. I just found another program that automates the process as well. All I need now is the dreamcast version - hmmmm....

2003-12-16, 23:39
Is it just me, or do the voices in the game sound like the voices in the anime as well?

2003-12-17, 06:59
All I need now is the dreamcast version - hmmmm...
Himeya have it, but that would be another $70... this is rather an expensive hobby, isn't it? (汗)

Is it just me, or do the voices in the game sound like the voices in the anime as well?
Of course they do - it's the same cast!

2003-12-17, 20:46
dude if we your fans gave you the money to buy the game would you get us the voice patch? i am sure everyone here would be willing to spend SOME money to help progress the awesomeness of this project.

2003-12-18, 12:57
Not sure quite what you mean by that. If you mean "if we buy you a copy of the Dreamcast version, will you rip the voice files for us," the answer is no. That would technically be piracy, and if I go round supporting piracy I'll probably get shut down, which I'm sure you don't want to happen. ;)

If you want to play the PC version with voice, legally, you yourself have to own both the PC version and the Dreamcast version, in which case you might as well rip your own voice files anyway.

Of course, if someone else were to rip the voice files and put them on Kazaa or whatever, or some of you were to club together to buy the DC version and share the files between you, well, that wouldn't be my responsibility, and obviously I couldn't stop it happening. But if anyone does do that I'd rather you didn't tell each other about it here, if that's okay?

2003-12-18, 13:10
heh, i completely understand. my only problem would be that even if i did own the dreamcast version i have no idea how i would rip the voice files from the disk. hehe. but i completely understand.

2003-12-19, 19:45
I don't know if this would really be helpful to you, but this is a link that gives a (yet another) link to a japanese web page that allows you to download a small program that will look for the Kanon PC and Dreamcast versions to automate the procedure for you. I believe it uses the AVG32 system. Of course, you still need both versions.


Cheers ^_^

2003-12-19, 19:58
Oh yeah - I forgot to mention - if for some reason the program doesn't work correctly try using the vAVG32 version that's given in the second post above ^

In working with Japanese files in Windows XP I've found that even though I've installed the option for 'East Asian Languages', it can sometimes still have problems with running some programs with different character file names. I find that stand simply renaming the file name of the main program can sometimes help. I don't think that will be an issue here though ^_^

Good luck!