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2003-12-06, 19:14
hello everyone. i am acctually very happy that haeleth gave us this forum so we could talk to each other when he is not around and also discuss things which no one in our own general area has any idea what we are talking about. (this happens to me a lot). so without further ado...

ok well, i would have to say the one thing that i thought was both hilarious and frustrating was that the 25% translation we all probably have of Kanon kinda builds us up to Thursday. i mean thursday is the day nayuki was going to show him where that damn CD shop is he has been searching for and also nayuki has no practice so they get some together time. this may seem small but it acctually builds to this point since monday and we get to thursday and... I CAN NO LONGER READ IT!!! :p but when i saw that i busted out laughing from the sheer irony of it. please share your similar experiences if you have had any.

2003-12-07, 07:20
Genuine spoiler follows.




On Thursday they find the CD shop!

Seriously, I'm not very happy myself with the "bit by bit" release structure. It's cutting the game into completely arbitrary episodes and giving you a very unrepresentative experience. But I bet there'd be howls of outrage if I announced that I wouldn't release another word till the whole thing was finished, right? ;)

2003-12-07, 10:52
oh most definately, i would search for you and hold you hostage till you released it. ^^ but i do not mind the bit by bit release i was mainly laughing. the waiting is nothing compared to the thought of never being able to play it at all. i wish the people over in Japan only knew how many people on this side of the big pond love their ideas as well as their anime. this visual romantic novel idea could NEVER come from the mind of an american. we need these over here for the Otakus over here. and i thank you for bringing it to us.

*bows low in humble praise to haeleth*

2003-12-28, 06:43
I couldn't agree more! Though I am waiting till Haeleth completes the translation, at least I've been able to take a few quick glances at the game and that makes the waiting worth it.

You've got fans, Haeleth! :-D

2003-12-28, 07:57
he gots fans alright. and i got friends in england. i wonder how bringer is doing... anyway glad to know ya man. ^^