View Full Version : Keep up the good work!

2003-12-03, 23:08
I've been watching the Kanon translation for many months, and I just want to shout out my words of encouragement... So.. rah rah rah! Go go go! Yaaaaaaay! Waaaaaaaai! Woowoo!


2003-12-04, 11:56

(snaps out of Mai mode)

Yep, definitely feeling encouraged.

2003-12-04, 16:46
After some rah rah rah! Go go go! Yaaaaaaay! Waaaaaaaai! Woowoo!
I feel alot better too.

2003-12-05, 13:43
Yeah! I was hoping for a rare Haeleth sighting soon--I've been watching this project for a long, long time! Having even a 10% translation was a real treat, and I almost died from sheer happiness when the 25% translation was released.

Thanks for the incredible amount of effort you have put into this project and for giving Kanon fans a chance to finally play the game (I can't just click through like some people, to me the story and characters are the whole game!). I'm absolutely blown away by the quality of your work and by what you've been able to accomplish.

Gamesubs in this genre don't have a happy track record (all those failed Tokimeki Memorial gamesub projects come to mind), and you have taken on one of the most ambitious projects possible--amazing!

Domo arigato gozaimasu Haeleth-sama! We're all rooting for you on this side of the pond! ^__^

2003-12-06, 19:16
Gimme an H

Gimme an A

Gimme an E

Gimme an ...

how do you spell his name again? 0_0

2003-12-07, 07:25
It's Hæleþ.

Aitch, ash, ell, ee, thorn.

It's only five letters, what's the problem? :p

2003-12-08, 00:16
problem is i have no idea how to pronounce let alone make those letters 0_0 hehe ^^

2003-12-14, 10:11
Hey, d/led your 25 patch, it=great! Looking forward to more, keep up the excellent work, we are all very grateful!

2003-12-14, 15:03
I've been playing this patch of yours for several days now and Oh. My. Goddess. This is the best thing I've ever seen. Better than the countless anime series brought over to america, better than the manga series brought over to america, because, because, because, this game is truly a master piece, and being able to understand it at long last I am overcome with so much joy that I cannot find the correct word to describe it so I am forced to make up a word....now. Timountlating. Your patch has filled me with Timountlating joy. I shall never again know such happiness as you have given me until you release the next update at which time I will have to make up a new word to express even further joy. Thank you sir, you do this country- nay! This world, a great service.

2003-12-15, 16:13
can't get much more praise then that when someone makes up a new word for ya man. heh!

2003-12-21, 10:53
Great job on trasnlating and patching up the game. Didn't expect you to go as far as redoing the menus or cut sences.

I have the whole "telly" series on fansub, never got the time to watch them though. My sister told me that the were exactly the same. (Trying to keep her away from the game since I got the 18 version) That's why I'm going to wait for your patch before I go watch the anime.

Anyways, great job. Keep up the good work!

2003-12-21, 20:01
More of the same - I too have been watching this unfold for a few months now. Welp, all I have to say is great stuff! That little fact about Kanon being equivalent to 6 Shakespeare plays...Haeleth, you deserve global recognition for all this effort you've put in! :D

Cheers from a fellow Brit. ^^