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2003-12-03, 18:33
I remember coding a decompressor for Dark Law game. I actually still have the sorce for the code. Problem is, I never code a recompressor for you. =] That is because I didn't hear from you again. =[ Anyway, if you plan on working on the game again give me a yell! =]

2003-12-04, 11:28
That's right... you decompressed some graphics, and then we never got any further 'cos I couldn't find the tilemap that was using them. @@

If you've still got the source, it's probably worth having another look. Are you still on ICQ?

2003-12-05, 18:48
Yeah, I still have the source and yes I am still on ICQ as well =] #52476832

2003-12-06, 08:05
Great, now it's just back to the good ol' trans-Atlantic time difference problem... ^^;