View Full Version : A question about rlBabel and RLDev Kit

2014-08-16, 05:55
Hello guys.

I'm wondering about which programming languages should I learn in order to modify the source codes of rlBabel and RLDev. I'm translating Little Busters! to Turkish, but I've encountered some problems in save/load screen when using rlBabel. When I change the data page, and then return to the first page, Real Live engine crashes v^v Also, I want to add other letters such as ş, İ, ğ etc.

2014-08-19, 10:29
If someone could help me with this problem, please send an e-mail to uppercut733@hotmail.com . Thanks for your concern :)

2014-08-27, 12:44
Anyway, I've handled the problem :) Thanks for your time and concern