View Full Version : Osu Mesu - Data extraction & insertion

2014-06-25, 15:29
Hi, there's a translator who needs help hacking a game. To be precise he'd like a programmer/hacker to make a tool that can help him extract and insert text so he doesn't have to copy paste thousands of times. He hasn't been able to find a hacker for over a year so the project is still stalled.

The game is this one:
(fuwanovel (http://forums.fuwanovel.org/index.php?/topic/5187-need-a-hacker-for-a-loli-genderbender-eroge-called-osu-mesu-time-slip/#entry117203))

Now I'm not connected with the project, but I'm writing for the translator.
If you zoom out, on the left side of his site at the very bottom (http://taruby.gamerkun.com/) is "osu mesu"
which has a progress bar and more information concerning his project. (He translated all of those manga btw.) I hope someone will help him. Do it for the lolis!