View Full Version : Artemis Blue - data extraction

2014-05-11, 19:09

I'm having some trouble extracting data from Artemis Blue (http://vndb.org/v5451) I've tried running it through ExtractData and xp3Dumper (gui version .2) without success; the encryption options in ExtractData don't successfully decrypt the data.xp3 file and xp3Dumper can't hook into the game (and I don't know nearly enough Chinese to use the tool effectively).

The odd part is that ExtractData seemed to at least get the bgm library partially decoded (as seen in the attachment), but something's still off and media players (like VLC) can't read it.

Anyone able to help? It would be greatly appreciated.

2014-05-20, 19:14
Would mentioning that this may be slated for a TL if it can be hacked garner any interest?