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2014-02-08, 09:20
Good day, everyone.

We at Oyatsu Fansubs, are planning to pick up a Visual Novel project. Its name is "Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~". More information about it can be found at:


Let me talk about the technical parts of the VN and its system first.

The VN uses BGI, aka Buriko General Interpreter, as its engine.
The version is 1.71, and more details about it can be found below.


Now, what we have been able to do so far (in the technical side):

The VN uses .arc files to store almost everyhting (except savedata), and we were able to extract the "raw/encrypted" script files.
However, when we tried using the two sets of existing tools (one on TLWiki in Python, another on Github in C#), they both failed to extract the text in a plain format. The reason should be these tools were designed to work with old versions of BGI Tools, possibly 1.69, and they are broken for 1.71, the one in question.
The various choices in the VN seem to be displayed from somewhere in the scripts themselves. I cannot confirm this, though.

Under these circumstances, we badly need the help of someone knowledgable with the technical stuff to help us extract/zip/decode/encode the scripts and all other things.

We are taking this project one step at a time (Translation is slated to begin in March), and as of now the staff counts are:

Translators: 2
Translation Checkers: 0 (Possibly 1)
Image Editors: 0
Technicalities people aka Hacker-sans: 0
Editors: 1
Proofreaders: 2(?)

So we'd like to fill the missing places with experienced people as soon as possible. We especially need a hacker-san to help us get the project on the road.

Thank you very much for reading this long post, and hope to hear from you. :)

2014-07-18, 14:45
If the game really does use .arc format for their files, I'd suggest taking a look at the "If My Heart Had Wings (Restoration Patch)". The game itself also uses the .arc format for their files and a group of people had made a restoration patch for it. I don't know how willing they'd be to help out, given that they are working on a second patch, but I think if you messaged a few of them, they should be able to give you some pointers on how to work your way around the .arc files.