View Full Version : Hacker needed for the game Ozmafia!! ?

2013-12-11, 01:06
Hello, so as the title says, I'm looking for someone who can hack the game Ozmafia!!, I know the developers said something about they may think of doing an English patch for the game, but that's still uncertain? So I'm trying to gather a group for the project.

I can only do the finding, contacting, reminding, proofreading, editing the scripts, backing up stuff and all that (Ok for short, project leader/manager...? I'll try everything to keep it alive ><)

I'll look for translators as well, still hackers are really hard to find so if anyone can help, please contact me :(

p/s: I pretty much have a blog here (http://otomegirlkawaii.tumblr.com/) for another on-going translation, just so you guys know...

2013-12-16, 12:59
Okay, I'll go hack this thing now...

Files are much simpler than I expected, for the demo you just XOR the files with D3 6F AC 96 and they become plain binary files. Now I have to figure out these files...

Got this much done: (note: this is not real script insertion)


2013-12-16, 21:13
Now I made a real script tool, and threw in a machine translation.
It works until it tries to display the first Ruby text (furigana), then it dies.

2013-12-16, 21:51
Um...ouch... Seems like a pain ><
Thank you so much for helping me!

2013-12-17, 06:44
Okay, figured out the Furigana issue, it's all inside the text and not in the game code. Good.

Game does something like ≪樵/きこり≫, so it draws furigana on top of the character when it sees the << >> tags. Removing those tags made it work again.

2013-12-17, 20:53
First version of a script tool:

This is still in the early stages, there are issues with the game after the script is edited, for example, names appear wrong.

2013-12-18, 08:11
Thank you! Early stage, but I manage to extract the scripts :D
That's nice progress already :)