View Full Version : Need help regarding .po files

2013-12-05, 07:00
I'm trying to patch the current .po files in tlwiki for fate/hollow but I have no experience regarding the matter.

I have searched the web but have yet to find any instructions on how .po files work. I asked on another forum and one guy said "The .po files are designed to automatically apply the translation to the .ks files".

therefor I unpacked the .xp3 file and then downloaded all the .po files from tlwiki. and this is were I'm currently stuck. If someone could plz tell me how they work or what to do with them to convert them to .ks I would be ever so grateful.

on a side note I got some errors while unpacking the .xp3 file. it unpacked what seams to be all of it but what do I know right. has anyone else had this problem? I used crass to unpack it.