View Full Version : AliceSoft System 3.9 Decompiler/Compiler

2013-10-27, 11:43
Here is a new AliceSoft System 3.x Decompiler/Compiler. The syntax is not compatible with AliceSoft's own system 3.9 SDK, but it can decompile and recompile System 3.9 games and get exact matching files.
Also supports System 3.5 of course, but does not support System 3.0.


2013-11-08, 09:39
Script Tool for getting text in and out of ADV files. Use this with the decompiler to assist with translating a game.

Mirror: http://tlwiki.org/images/f/f8/System3ScriptThing.zip

2014-07-17, 15:20
New version uploaded, here are the changes:

Now preserves original text encoding of the game's messages, so games which used fullwidth hiragana for messages instead of halfwidth katakana will match up identically after being rebuilt.
Now automatically converts messages to System 3.9 messages if they contain ASCII text and are not followed by data blocks (such as [00]). Note that you must use System39.exe to play such a game, and not an older version.
Fixed bugs where obsolete labels were kept after recompiling code, this led to failures decompiling code after rebuilding it.