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2013-10-26, 11:01
Hey, I'm new here and I discovered this forum because of "Fuwanovel Forums"

I came here because I asked pretty much the same question when I was on the other forum. I've been given good answers but they're not what I'm looking for.

Really, I wanted someone to tell me how to go about hacking a visual novel. For example: one of the replies was to extract the game files and scripts, then give it to a translator and finally bring it all back into the game. I guess it was summarised nicely however I wanted a tutorial on how it's done... O.o

Pictures or a video, I really need to watch the process of doing that sort of stuff because I haven't found a good tutorial myself yet. If someone has the time or in the middle of translating a visual novel, I would be really grateful if you can tell me how you're extracting and putting it together. Probably better if it's a finished VN, that way I can see it through until the very end.

I know I sound a bit needy, and believe me, I'm pretty desperate myself, but I see a lot of visual novels out there that people want done - and I can't stand it when they don't finish the project!!

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. THANK YOU :D

2013-10-26, 13:48
Most obvious question: what game?

I've made several extraction and insertion tools before.

2013-10-27, 03:06
Well, let's look at the existing one, for example: Fate/Stay Night - it uses the KiriKiri Engine, right?

So if this game weren't translated and I'm starting a new translation for the game, what do I need to do (tools, translations, the engine etc.) and if possible, how would I go about doing it???
- Do I need programming experience before (I programmed in VB and did some scripting with Renpy and other game engines)
- Some knowledge of Reverse Engineering I presume???
- What about graphics for the menus and such.

Thanks for the reply by the way "some_loli_catgirl" XD

2013-10-27, 04:50
Here's the tools page on TLWiki: http://tlwiki.org/index.php?title=Tools
There are tools already available for the Kirikiri engine, you want xp3tools. The extraction tools run from the command line, so you need to know your way around that.
Kirkiri engine games tend to not support word wrapping, so you need to find hacks for word wrapping written by other people.
You can probably get away without any programming experience, as long as you don't need to write anything new.
For graphics, obviously you change them in image editors, such as Photoshop or Gimp.

The only time you need programming and reverse engineering knowledge is when the tools don't already exist.

2013-10-27, 13:51
Hmm... I see - So I could probably get away with programming.

I'm guessing graphics are from the extracted files, so all I need to do for example is edit them if i need to and replace them back into the folder.

xp3Tools must be the extraction tool for KiriKiri engine? If it runs from the command line, I could just find a tutorial about how to use it.

And word wrappings, what are they??
Thanks for the answer by the way, might try and get a Fate/Stay Night game (not translated) and try for myself XD

2013-11-12, 19:34
1 Question, In the visual novel, Shuffle!, how I need to do for extract the text in data01000.arc??? the notepad++ cant read the text because when extract, this file have archives that not have a format