View Full Version : Weird Graphical Errors in XP3 File for Fate/Stay Night

Soul Reaver
2013-05-08, 04:52
I've created an XP3 file for Fate/Stay Night, but somewhere along the line, things go wrong... and I'm not sure why.

What I'm trying to do is to replace some of the existing CGs. However, although I can replace them, the some of the replacement images have graphical bugs in-game. See the attachments: the 'no error' picture is what a part of my original bmp file looks like. the 'error' picture is what it looks like in-game.

I read somewhere that this may be related to the XP3 tools not working propely with some pictures, with the compression messing things up.

In any case, here's the process I've been following:

- Open the bmp file in Photoshop CS5
- Go to Channels, create a new (alpha) channel. Set it completely to white.
- Save as a 32bit Windows BMP file, with 'Alpha Channels' ticked
- Go to kr219b15 (kirikiri folder), kirikiri2/tools/ and start krkrtpc.exe
- Ensure that in the first and second columns, the TLG options (3rd options) are selected.
- Drag the image to the window. It converts it to TLG
- Use xp3-repacker.exe from the command line (with the fate_full flag) to pack the TLG file into an .xp3.
- Put the XP3 file into the Fate-Stay Night directory and play.

I also tried creating a alpha channel in gimp, but the same thing happened when I turned that image into a tlg, then an xp3 and tried it out in-game.

I've tried using the tool here: http://tlwiki.org/index.php?title=File:Kikiriki.rar to create the XP3 file too using the command line:
kikiriki.exe -c -i C:\TLG -o patch9.xp3
but the XP3 file I create with that doesn't seem to get picked up in-game at all.

So what's wrong? Is there some other good XP3 packer that will work for Fate/Stay Night? Or can someone advise me what I'm doing wrong with the ones I'm using?

2013-05-19, 18:25
^ dude, try save as png. All you need is file TLG not BMP