View Full Version : Help with translation!

2013-04-12, 20:58
Hi guys, sorry for bothering you for some time I'm trying to translate the VN Kanon Portuguese. I contacted some translators who worked on past projects, but unfortunately only one can help me, he sent me a folder with the following files, "kprl" "rlc" "rlxml" "vaconv." However, as he was not the translator and editor, had no way to help me more, however this forum pointed me to a person named "Haeleth" attended, and gave me your website, http://www.haeleth.net/ but apparently this off the air a few years. I ended up finding this little journey also other people who want to translate their language Kanon (Swedish and Polish). If anyone can help me, I would be very grateful. Anything send an e-mail to contact henriquesz@live.com. Thank you guys!

PS: I can not speak English, translated by GoogleTranslate.