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2013-03-19, 23:32
I've seen this topic (http://forums.novelnews.net/showthread.php?t=35810), but it's "a bit old" so I write a new one.

As I say on the title, I'm planning to translate the VN Chu x Chu! On the move , then I think that if I can translate but can't be able to repack the text file, my translating will become useless. So I've tried repacking the data archive and place the repacked file in the game folder. When I launch the game, it says "ArchiveData Fail" (and it can't start, of course).
I've use crass and AnimED to extract the archive (data.pac; SOFTPAL ADV SYSTEM PAC-32 2010) and use AnimED to repack WITHOUT change (add or remove) anything in the data archive's structure. But it still fail.
So I write this topic to ask everyone how can I repack the archive.
I include the original file data.pac with the post.
Thanks everyone.


2013-03-20, 16:44

I repack it using animED if it works then you didn't follow the instruction on how to repack it, or not then needs to be hacked.

2013-03-21, 00:33
The repacked file you sent don't work, maybe it means the file needs to be hacked. Can you do that hacking? Or tell me who can do that?
btw thank you.