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2013-02-23, 21:11
Hey guys,
I want to translate LB!ME to Turkish. I use TLWiki and Doki's English patch files (even they aren't fully completed) because I don't understand Japanese. I have a problem while decompressing SEEN.TXT. I start the decompressing proccess and everything is fine until seen2108.txt, then I've see an error:

Warning: argument overflow near 0x00b67f.
Error:excepted [$\(] in get_expr_term, found 0x4b near 0x00b680.

But that's okay. I handled that. First I used kprl -x seen.txt. And then I compress a seenxxxx.txt.uncompressed file and then I get the text.

My problem is:
I completed a translation of the seen file that I chose and I wanted to repack into seenxxxx.txt file. But I couldn't :( First I tried the RLC to compile seenxxxx.ke to seenxxxx.txt but I get this error:

Error: parsing GAMEEXE.INI: syntax error at line 1.

I don't know what to do :( If there is a bug fix or anything like that, please share :(

2014-03-27, 13:18
You have to use rldev for 1.5+ : You can found it here : https://github.com/eglaysher/rldev

2015-12-24, 13:29
I'm having the same error, and even running cygwin or a VM, it gives different errors... (and that missing Omake is a real pain)