View Full Version : Help! Change the defaut font in Ever17?

2013-02-15, 06:12
Hello everyone, I'm translating Ever17 to my native language (vietnamese)
Eveything is going fine. The only problem is the font in the game :(
This game (english ver) use the Courier New - unicode font, but it doesn't support unicode character.
I cannot change the font, so I mod the font, insert vietnamese character into it and turn it to cp1252 font :| , and the game now can display vietnamese :)
However, this method is a bad idea, because after replace the font, it cannot display character normally and unicode character anymore, very annoying if someone need to use this font after replace it (eg: programing,...)

So I need someone who can hack the font in the game to another font (my font)

Sorry if my english is too bad.

2013-02-18, 14:04
Look at the EXE with a hex editor and replace "Courier New" with a different font name that fits in that number of characters?

2013-02-20, 13:04
Problem solved.
Topic end here.

some_loli_catgirl: I tried this too, and the game crash :(