View Full Version : How to get the camelia Key of Dies irae~Amantes amentes~

2013-02-15, 00:56
Hello ,guys.
I see this :

Well, I managed to get the exe from a downloadable update.

Here's the raw script:

I'm going to explain how to obtain it, for future reference:
The script is stored as a resource called EXEC inside malie.exe. It's easy to dump it with any resource editor.
The next step is to decrypt it. The cipher used is called camellia and the key used is "agbsvAZJVBqMwzmE". You can find the source of an implementation here: http://info.isl.ntt.co.jp/crypt/eng/...ia/engine.html
And here's a simple program that uses it to decode the script: http://pastebin.com/T4WbcB2i
The final step is to decompress the decrypted script. It's compressed with zlib so it's trivial to decompress it. I just used the example program zpipe (http://www.zlib.net/zpipe.c).

a few days ago. The game discussed above is Dies irae~Acta est Fabula~,now I want to DIY the Dies irae~Amantes amentes~, translators are ready.

But it seems that the key of this game is not "agbsvAZJVBqMwzmE",so I want to know how to get the key, is anyone can help me?

Here is the main progrem:

2013-02-19, 04:37
The script has been translated about 30%